Rick “Dubya” Perry Sure Does Like Molesting People

We’ll be sure to address those pesky gay rumors surrounding GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry and his “personal chef” soon. But for now, CNN illustrates something that we already knew—”America isn’t ready to elect a C-grade Texas governor who loves Jesus and executing people. Again.” Yep. Dubya and Perry, they’re the same person. Except that Perry likes touching the cheeks of men more… like, a lot more.

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • spider_orchid


  • jason

    I think Rick Perry is very handsome. Ravish my apple breast with your big mouth, Rick.

  • Robert in NYC

    He wants to make America into Texas which rates in the bottom five of the 50 states in almost everything that has failed, education, health care, inequality, you name it. To think this bigot accepted $6 billion of the stimulus package and gave his corporate masters huge tax cuts on the backs of the middle class and the poor. The GOP is morally bankrupt to govern with dangerous idiots like this in power. Perry will make us into a third world country if he wins the White House, not that Bachmann or Romney won’t.

  • randy

    @jason: Gross! Rick Perry looks like the kind of guy to fall asleep during sex. Now Mitt Romney, on the other hand, would at least put Fox News on mute during sex.

  • christopher di spirito

    Queers in Massachusetts reported they voted for Republican Scott Brown because he’s “hawt.”

    Nevermind that Brown isn’t exactly friendly to the LGBT community and is no fan of marriage equality. All the counts is he’s “hawt.”

    I wonder how many queers will support Rick “I’m a Prophet” Perry for the same reason because they find him attractive ignoring the fact that Perry is one of the most viciously homophobic candidates in the GOP field.

  • Michael

    @christopher di spirito:

    I think Michelle Rick Santorum and Rick Perry are all in the same sinking boat in that category.

    I.E. the most viciously homophobic candidates in the GOP field.

  • Jewed Law

    @christopher di spirito: You got it, dude. This is EXACTLY why the right to vote should be an accomplished and deserved right, not a birth-given one. Too many stupid people out there mucking up the system (prime example numero uno: the hysterical “need” to vote in our country’s most liberal president since FDR, who we then realize is nothing but smoke and mirrors—way to go, folks. Way to go).

  • tjr101

    @Jewed Law: Ah, whatever GOProudling.

  • MattGMD

    This is a good time to share this re: Perry.

    Strange Bed Fellows in Texas

    A Texas RINO Governor named Perry
    got caught bedding his State Secretary
    but his wife couldn’t handle
    the thought of a gay scandal
    like Idaho’s “wide stance” Senator Larry!

    Perry talks about straight Texas Honor
    but he fell for a guy named Geoff Connor.
    His wife was disgraced
    that she’d been displaced.
    Seems Rick spent more time off her than on her!

    Soon after the sordid tale hit the press
    The Bilderbergers stepped in to suppress
    these gay Perry rumors
    which are electoral tumors
    So they brought in The Rove for finesse.

    Karl issued an immediate repudiation
    and arranged Geoff Connor’s resignation
    because the Bilderberger’s goal
    of a Perry Presidential role
    won’t be blocked by Rick’s “back door” infatuation.

    – Charles Ulysses Feney, 2011

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