Rick Warren Will Lie Right to Your Face

What a slimebag! Watch Rev. Rick Warren try to say that he never said that gays and lesbians are like pedophiles and people commit incest.

Rick Warren’s video address (just like Obama!) this week to his church ought to be titled “The Saddleback School of Journalism”. In it, Warren says that ever since becoming an object of popular scrutiny he’s learned that journalists are all liars hellbent on destroying America through reporting. But he saves special ire for talk radio and bloggers, who he advises should ‘get a life’ and who he says simply like to ‘hurl all kinds of bombs at people.’

For the record, we’ve invited Rev. Warren to be interviewed by Queerty and have been told that he’s unavailable til after the holidays due to services and family health problems. We look forward to chatting with him soon.

Anyway, the rest of the video is a big ass-covering lie, which we’ll be happy to correct now while we sit in our parent’s house wearing pajamas:

Lie: “I have been accused of equating gay partnerships with incest and pedophilia. Of course, as members of Saddleback Church, you know I believe no such thing.”


Rev. Warren: “I’m opposed to having a brother and sister be together and call that marriage, I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and getting married.”

Beliefnet Editor Steve Waldman: “Do you think those are equivalent to gays getting married?”

Rev. Warren: “Oh, I do.” [Source]

Now, Warren responds to the Beliefnet interview by saying, that he didn’t mean to say that gay relationships are like incest and pedophilia, just that gay marriage is. “I was not saying those relationships are the same thing”, he says, adding that “I’m opposed to any redefinition of the definition of marriage.”

Well look, we know that this video is intended for your flock, but unless forced lobotomies are required to join the church, who is going to believe Warren’s pose of “Aw shucks, I was just mentioning some other sorts of redefinition of marriage I was against.”

How would you feel if we said that we don’t believe that groups like Nazi’s or serial rapists or members of the Saddleback Church should run the policy of our country? We’re not saying they’re the same! We’re just saying we don’t think they should run the country.

Give me a fucking break, Reverend. You write sermons for a living, so we’re going to assume you have at least a vague concept of how rhetoric works. Being a hate-filled homophobe is ignorant, but being a liar is just wrong. In no way did you not compare gays and lesbians to pedophilia and incest. Own it or apologize, but don’t insult our intelligence by weaseling out of it.