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Ridiculous Chris Crocker Calls All Your Idol Texts ‘Ridiculous’

Prone to delivering serious monologues to the interwebs, microcelebrity Chris Crocker adds this American Idol reaction video to his list of must-sees. But he doesn’t want this latest video — where he wears only a tee and American Apparel underwear — to become another melodramatic clip a la “Leave Britney Alone,” so there will only be a minimal amount of crying and terrible backdrops.

Are you listening America? By picking the wrong Idol, you are only making Chris Crocker stronger!

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  • james james

    That’s good that he’s still happy Obama won.

    When is this teevee idol worshipping generation going learn?

    American Idol voters = Obama voters.

    Things are just as bad under Barack as they were under Bush.

    There’s a lot of yap yap yap bla bla bla … and as Barack would say … more of the SAME.

  • Michael W.

    @james james: Just as bad under Obama as they were under Bush?

    You guys kill me with the over exaggerations.

  • Cam

    Oh, a new video by Chris Crocker? Wow, how edgy…somebody stop me from watching before I yawn myself to death.

  • james james

    @Michael W.: “You guys kill me with the over exaggerations.”

    you guys kill me with your idol worship …

    because things are so much better …

    Prop 8




    wow … what a breath of stale air Barack Bush is. he sure is effecting a whole lot of Yap Yap … and as Barack Bush would say … a whole lot of “more of the SAME” …

  • Frank

    As long as we have airhead queens like Chris Crocker we won´t make progress

  • kevin (not that one)

    I remember when Chris Crocker was relevant.

    Boy, that was so long ago and lasted such a short period of time.

  • AaroNYC

    American Idol is a popularity contest. If the majority of Americans are uncomfortable with a gay American Idol, then so be it.

    However, equal rights and protections under the law are guaranteed by the Constitution and that is not subject to popular vote –as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

    These two issues have nothing to do with one another. I personally don’t care if the viewing audience of American Idol accepts my “lifestyle”. I just want equal rights as guaranteed.

  • Chris

    @AaroNYC: We DO deserve equal rights and protections under the laws of the Constitution, but it seems so many people are debating your statement as we speak. It doesn’t matter what we are entitled to, what matters is that we get them. We aren’t going to get them until public opinion changes. In polls across the country attitudes do seem to be changing, in fact faster than I thought possible. I’m sorry to say that the popular vote is exactly what the politicians ARE watching to see if they can grant us those rights. After all, when it boils down to it, they really are only interested in whether or not they will get to be re-elected next term, so they have to go by what their constituents think . Do I like it that my life has to be controlled by the popular vote, of course not, but that’s how things seem to work.

  • rigs

    ever think he lost because ppl liked the other guy’s singing style better? I liked Adam but EVERYONE I know who didn’t vote for him didn’t like his theatrical style and his scream he does in every song… it was probably reallly close anyway so I really don’t think it’s because he’s gay

  • Joe

    I have always wondered how long before this guy slits his wrists. I imagine he has already tried a couple times. Maybe we can all throw in and get him some Paxil, or better yet a bf.

  • Joe

    I truly believe gay had nothing to do with Adam loosing or winning, he style of music has been going out of style since the late 80’s. Rock groups are not main stream anymore, not to mention the drag queen style rock was gone by the late 70’s and he tends to like the dress up Kiss,Queen stuff. I am sorry to burst anyone’s bubble that grew up on that but its not relevant. What is relevant is Jason Marz and that is exactly the audience Kris garners. They both did great and Adam was so gracious, not to mention the extreme humility Kris showed. Bravo to both of them, they both won in my eyes. We would all do good to take a lesson from both of them and come out hugging each other rather than bashing as some outspoken gays do, I wont mention anyone’s name(Perez).

  • Joe

    One last thing, was he trying too poop through his little rant. Maybe he does his best thinking when he is dropping turds. Ouch, I actually watched someone on a poop rant, that has to say something about me. :-(

  • Not a Hater

    I love you Chris Crocker! You speak from the heart.

  • scott

    Oh my fuck why did you post this, and oh my fuck why did I watch it?

  • jordan_k

    Hummm. Frank (in particular) let me preface this by saying, I’m not a fan of Chris, he isn’t eloquent or poetic or anything I look for in someone I admire, but I do think we’re in trouble as a community when we don’t support people like him to have an opinion without attacking him as a person not his opinion.

    The self hating pansy comments at Chris don’t do anyone any favors. He isn’t the reason we don’t get ahead – that is like saying if more black people were white they wouldn’t experience racism.

    It is a terrible sign of ignorance to attack the person and not the message. I would encourage you to think about making comments like that in the future.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I have to agree with Chris Crocker on this. Adam’s performance of Mad World was perfect. Ironic I share the share name:-)


  • Queerky

    Maybe Chris Crocker could audition for next season in a bikini?

  • jordynn

    i love adam lambertt,
    and i love chris crocker too, he’s right

  • Nick

    @Joe: Don’t forget, Crocker has a boyfriend!

    I can’t decide what I liked best; When he said he didn’t condone incest, then said how in love with his brother he is, or when he started talking about how he used to check his brother out when they bathed together as children. Or maybe it was that CRAZY-ASS grin he had through the entire video.

    Chris Crocker has ISSUES!

  • Mika

    I think he did some blow in the beginning of this video… or do my eyes deceive me?

  • Jim

    What a good portion of the rest of the country sees is that most gay’s are single issue when it comes to politics. There is a lot more wrong with the country than DADT, DOMA or whether or not we can marry.

    Sure, those issues are important to us, but they shouldn’t be the ONLY thing important to us and we should be able to see ourselves in the bigger picture.

    Take a look at Obama – he’s trying to walk down the middle and not create waves on social policy that would offend a majority. Sooner or later Congress is going to force an issue, as it should. Instead of hammering on a single individual to change the world all by himself, get off your duff and go visit your congressman or your senator. They have far more power to change the world right now than Obama.

    Sure, it’s harder work – and less popular, but that’s were the change will really come.

    In the meantime, we’re gradually getting what we ask – and no matter how much you want to make it the only issue that Obama should work on, it’s not going to happen tomorrow.

  • RainaWeather

    @jordan_k: I agree completely! The gay hate in these comments is pretty sad. But this is because so mamy people think to be accepted you have to destroy anything that marks you as different from the majority, a problem with every minority.

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