Ridiculously Cute Son Upstages Gay Dads At Minnesota Marriage-Equality Hearing

There’s one undeniable truth about parenting that transcends sexual orientation: If you try to get something serious accomplished, you children will step in and make their presence known.

On Wednesday, partners Dr. Paul Melchert and James Zimmerman joined other Minnesota families to speak in support of a bill reversing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. But their 3-year-old son, Emmett, just wanted to play. Actually he wanted to use Melchert’s face as a NASCAR track.  (The good part starts at about 15:00)



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  • Fidelio

    Dear Bravo: There are two insanely hot daddies with the most adorable twin boys ready for a reality show. I’m a fan, already. Xoxo, F.


    Those are definitely “insanely hot daddies,” as Fidelio said, lol

  • fenrisulfr

    Just make a really quick comparison between the people supporting and the people opposed… That poor woman with the dark lipstick looks like she’s been unhappy her whole life.

  • longpastdue

    In response to the opposition arguments. Purely commenting on their arguments and not offering emotional responses.

    1) John Helmberger: No one said it was a mandate, they simply said that people did not support adding that language to the constitution.

    2)Warren Limmer: repeat previous statement, using these seniors is a violation of the ecological fallacy.

    3)Glen Gruenhagen: studies commit the fallacy known as false attribution. In this case these studies had absolutely nothing to do with Gay marriage, they simply proved that children in multi-parent homes generally do better. By “encouraging marriage,” you simply allow more children to be raised in multi-parent homes. The second study is basically the same thing, his argument as a whole is non-sequitur because the studies even if true have absolutely nothing to do with gay marriage. In this particular case the argument is Ignoratio elenchi. The last argument about the “gay gene,” is flawed by Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam, is saying that because it cannot or has not been proven to be so then it must not be. Many if not most genes still have not been identified. He also ignores any other way an immutable characteristic might be attributed to a person, we know scientifically that there are many other natural pathways by which immutable psychological characteristics are developed.

    4)Peggy Scott: Begging the question, fails to cite any way in which what she claims will happen…will actually happpen.

    Ok I just got too pissed off to continue after this but basically Glenn Gruenhagen is at best completely incompetent and at worst purposely ignoring the complete lack of logic or rationalism in his statements because he believes his constituents are too dumb to know any better.

  • Dionte

    Man the darkness is strong, it took out all the light from the beginning. I need to find a rainbow.

  • BlokeToys

    Never work with animals or children! lol

    Incidentally, why is it that all those against gay marriage are right-wing hypocrites, old, out of touch, and generally look like they have a stick up their butt and have never had a day of happiness their whole lives?

    People who spend so much energy trying to attack others and keep people “below” them really are disgusting wastes of skin.

    I really hope the Republican party collapses in the next five years as some suggest it will. It’s about time there was something new to replace all the religiously-led bile and bullsh*t.

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