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Right Wing Group Fears That Fox News Is Toning Down The Homophobia

The great thing about the lunatic fringe is that no matter how unmoored they are from reality, they always manage to push themselves further away from shore. The latest example: America’s Survival, a group that “specializes in exposing the United Nations, international organizations and extremist movements,” has produced a 92-page report that insists that Fox News is in a gay rights propaganda machine. The report’s title says it all: “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.”

The report is a tour through a right-wing landscape of media aggrievements, including complaints about CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media. But special fury is reserved for Fox News, because its perceived moderation is a far larger betrayal. “How tragic that Fox News does not see itself as part of the “solution” to this injustice – by consciously giving pro-family conservatives a voice – or at the very least being meticulously fair — but instead is evolving into just another (perhaps more moderate) pro-homosexual network,” the report complains.

But just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re wrong. The right wing have sensitive antenna, and something is changing at Fox. The main target of the report’s ire at Fox is directed at Megyn Kelly, and here the report is actually onto something. Kelly is a moderating voice within Fox and has distinguished herself from her network colleagues by actually calling bullshit on homophobic nonsense. Still, there is the rest of the Fox lineup, including Bill O’Reilly, Mike Huckabee and the like.  But if Fox caves, the game is over, and America’s Survival knows it.

“To build back conservatives’ trust in Fox News, and maintain the goodwill that vast swaths of America still have for the one network that was never intended to lean Left, Fox must reject the liberal media’s lead on homosexuality,” the report concludes. “Rather, a return to reason, common sense, conservative principles — and fidelity to “Nature and Nature’s God” — on this critically important moral question would serve the network well.”

And just to prove that the report’s author isn’t totally off his rocker, he does note that the gay media actually do a better job at covering the religious right the the mainstream press. “It is this writer’s experience that reporters at homosexual publications like the Washington Blade sometimes cover conservative critics of LGBT activism more accurately and inclusively than “mainstream” journalists.” Perhaps that’s because we just don’t cover the news. We have to live it.

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  • Goforit

    My partner ( of 35+ years) and I just got married last week. One of my co workers gave us a card that depicted 2 male torsos in suits holding hands. The saying inside was “You two are on your way to a lifetime of happiness and love”. The card is put out by Hallmark! I knew then that there was no turning back on equality. And now FAUX News is trying to jump on the band wagon? Eqality will soon come to the other 37 states. Hang in there guys and gals.

  • 2eo

    Seriously, visit their webpage, it’s absolutely hilarious in a completely none ironic way, they literally think the world is ending and their ramblings are inspired.

  • Cam

    Actually FOX was all set to attack gay marriage, they even had their website set up for it…and then Sheppard Smith said during a broadcast that people supporting same sex marriage were on the right side of history. Fox suddenly scrambled to change the website after one of their higher rated hosts said that.

    The issue is, the network itself is still anti-gay, just a few of their commentators aren’t bigoted like the rest of them.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Let me get this straight: If an entity like Fox News says derogatory things about us, they’re evil. If they say supportive things about us, they’re still evil.

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that most of my gay brethren are simply angry people, and no amount of appeasement will make them happy.

    Isn’t it possible the people at Fox may be having a similar “evolution” as Obama did?

  • mramseymd

    Sheppard Smith was the first voice of reason I noticed at Fox. Megyn Kelley does seem to be be a moderating voice as well. Does Sheppard Smith still have a job there?

  • mramseymd

    BJMcFrisky, please re-read the article. It is critical of the group America’s Survival, but I can’t find one disparaging remark about Fox. Cam is correct, though. The vast majority of the reporters and the reports are clearly discriminatory. The gay community continues to keep the heat on Obama even now, insisting that federal mandates for LGBT equality must replace his foolish notion that individual states must decide for themselves. We must continue to keep the heat on Fox News as well.

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    BJ, you may want to reread, the anti-gay bigots…you know, the people you always defend….they’re the ones attacking FOX.

    A little trouble in your family it would seem.

  • 2eo

    @Cam: Shame a few of them get mad enough to shoot up schools and never each other.

  • Victor_in_PA

    Faux “News” is a joke. Anyone who watches it is an idiot (or soon will be if you pay attention). I have it programmed out of my line up so I don’t even see the channel. And you know, life is a lot better without it. There’s nothing on that program that has ANY redeeming value.

  • manxxxx

    I just spent the last hour reading this group’s report. The rant is the same. The rhetoric never changes. However, the overwhelming sentiment that comes through is their intense anger at losing the battle. The vehemence expressed at their one time ally, Faux News, is palpable. Wow. They are angry, very angry. I have to say that going through their work is worth it just to be aware of whom they are targeting as having become traitors to their homophobic cause. It’s 92 pages long and I’m sure that the document would have spontaneously combusted in the hands of a gay man had I printed it out.

  • Yang Tai

    “Homophobia” i.e. anyone who has an opinion you people don’t like.

  • 2eo

    @Yang Tai: Don’t be a dick.

    I invariably dislike everyone under six foot tall, but that doesn’t mean they can’t yell at my ankles.

  • hephaestion

    Have Sheppard Smith and Bill Hemmer officially come out yet?

  • etseq

    The report’s author is frickin “Porno” Pete LaBarbera – the man so obsessed with homosexuality, S&M in particular, that he collects gay porn as “evidence” of how depraved we are. Talk about self-loathing. He also is obsessed with Dan Savage. Here is a video of Dan explaining the etiology of “Porno Pete”

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Wait until Obama attempts to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, you’ll see FUX’s true colors then. I wish Obama would jump on this. Perhaps after 2014. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, God Bless her, may want to relinquish her seat and bow out, given her health issues. Fox Noise will be unrelenting, as will the filthy Republicans, when it comes time to appoint a new justice. I am now thoroughly questioning our American system and whether or not the SCOTUS is non-political, especially after they gutted the Voting Rights Act and after Citizens United. Both of these huge disasters were allowed in order to insure that Republicans could stay in power, thereby appointing more conservative, religious oppressive ScaliaAlitoRobertsPubicHairontheCokeThomas types. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, cheating, a high tech voter tracking system, and a SCOTUS willing to make life easier for this atrocious, Tedious Right, Republican behavior all help to get their way and push their Catholic doctrines onto American law books. I’m seriously seeing flaws and have lost faith in our system. Porn Watcher, sulking, brooding, outsider Thomas is a disgrace to the bench. We have the Republicans to thank for these cheese-balls.

  • junesxing

    @Goforit: Congratulations!

  • junesxing

    @Yang Tai: You really need to get something straight here. There is a big difference between someone having an opposing opinion, and someone that is actively working to get you thrown in jail, fired from your job, deny you housing, keep you from marrying, keep you from adopting children, wanting to bully you and do you physical harm, and claiming you are less than human, intrinsically evil and disordered.

    So quit the BS about it being an opinion. When it walks in your front door and tries to kick you in the teeth,there is little room for tolerance of their ‘opinion’

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