Right Wingers Take on Pam Spaulding

By now you’ve heard about the John Edwards blog scandal. You know, the one in which he caved to Catholic conservative pressure and fired two bloggers who had been called “anti-Catholic vulgar trash-talking bigots” for comments they made before working for the Edwards campaign.

But, there’s another, gayer blog scandal in which you may have an interest…

A Christian group’s taking aim at lesbian blogger and all-around super chick, Pam Spaulding, for comments left on her website with reference to “Americans For Truth” president Peter LaBarbera. After someone posted LaBarbera’s address, a reader by the name of Barry G. Wick wrote, “Snipers take note”. Another reader criticized Wick’s statement, to which Wick blasted:

Self-defense for gay folk isn’t PC, is it? No, we have to be certain that we’re victims all the time. As long as we’re victims, we get to maintain our status as an underclass. When we’re no longer victims, when we claim our full and true citizenship …and that’s the last thing the leadership of the gay movement wants. The leadership doesn’t want us to be anything other than victims and an underclass. That’s how we’re controlled by the leadership of the gay movement… When we start standing up for ourselves, we lose all the status of an underclass. I refuse to be part of an underclass. I’m equal. And I’m gonna use any language, even outrageous language, to get my point across.

In a later post he elaborated:

[LaBarbera] and others like him ought to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what future awaits them from a cadre of selected defenders willing to give up everything in order to protect the lives of gay and lesbian citizens.

One can’t help but see a few valid statements in Wick’s outbursts: how effective are our gay leaders? When was the last time Joe Solmonese or Neil Giuliano did anything but balk at the establishment?

Now, we’re not advocating anyone pick up a gun and go homo-hater-hunting, but we do think Wick has somewhat of a point. For her part, Spaulding has distanced herself from Wick, insisting that her site is not one for people of such militant leanings:

I have never advocated threatening physical harm toward anyone, as I have been on the receiving end of the same treatment — and it doesn’t feel good, let me tell you.

We may be on the opposite sides of the fence on most matters from the people we discuss and comment about here on the Blend, but on this we can agree — our families (whether LaBarbera regards mine as such) have a right to be safe.

She even went so far as to remove Wick’s posts. It seems to us that she jumped the gun on that one, so to speak. Sure, she can distance herself, but is it necessary to go back to remove the posts themselves? This is, after all, America…

What do you think, readers? Was Spaulding justified in removing the posts? Is Wick a wacko? Are our gay “leaders” content with just sitting by and letting things happen?