R.I.P. Estelle Getty

It’s a sad day, reader.

We regret to inform you that Estelle Getty – also known as Golden Girls‘ Sophia Petrillo – has died. The actress, who cut her teeth on Broadway, was a mere three days shy of her 85th birthday.

Above, a Golden Girls clip of Sophia, daughter Dorothy and the other gals enjoying some porn.

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    SO unfair, proves to me that there can’t possibly be no God but If there’s a heaven she’s in it right now.

    She was a wonderful actress/comedian and a beautiful person with an incredible big GOLDEN heart.

    My prayers and most sincere condolence to their lost go out to her loved ones.

  • Jack Jett


    It is almost like when one of the Beatles died.

  • MikeD

    I have never felt compelled to post here, but today I must. I never met her and know nothing about her real life, but this woman was a legend who brought so much joy to me personally through her performances that I am truly sad at hearing this news. She may be gone, but that series will never be forgotten. People will be talking about this show in 100 years.

  • michael

    I am stunned and saddened. What a super actress she was and the laughter she brought to us all will never be forgotten. My deepest sympathies to her loved ones and the rest of the cast.

  • Qjersey

    We need to cry and sit around the kitchen table and eat cheesecake in her honor.

  • LacroixSweetie

    I am sad beyond words. I knew that it was coming, with her declining health. But when it does, it hits you like a brick. It’s hard for me now to watch the GG’s; I can’t picture Estelle not here anymore. But, at least she’s not in pain and suffering. My heart goes out to Bea, Betty, Rue, Marc Cherry, etc. I remember when Stan died (Herb Edelman); that was hard for them. This must be a nightmare. We love you Estelle!

  • mark

    Thanks for all the laughs Estelle

  • Paul Raposo

    Dorothy: What are you doing shooting, are you crazy?
    Rose: I heard a noise, I thought it was the robbers.
    Sophia: I manage to live 80, 81 years, I survived pnuemonia, two operations, a stroke. One night I’ll belch and stable Mabel here will blow my head off.

    Thanks for all the great laughs, Estelle.


  • Giovanni

    My God the joy this woman brought to me and mine. Well done lady – well done!

  • rob

    Almost as sad as the day Bananarama split up…


    Thanks for the all the laughs. RIP

  • Alex Sarmiento

    May she rest in peace. I’ve always wondered about the above scene: did Sophia rent a straight porno or a gay porno? :-)

  • daVid

    RIP pussycat.

  • key

    In the early 1980’s I sat next to Mrs. Getty on a plane from LA to NY and she couldn’t have been nicer. Not once did we talk about acting or actors, and at the end of the flight she reached over and put on her hand on mine and thanked me for my company and for such a pleasant trip. I knew who she was and even though I was somewhat starstruck she was still just a nice little lady who loved to talk about good food. I will never forget that trip as long as I live.

  • MikeD

    Whatever you do in the near future, don’t watch season 4, episode 16

  • Mike

    Oh no, what happens in that episode?

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