Robbie Rogers Is Surprised No Gay Soccer Players Have Reached Out To Him

130527010425-robbie-rogers-sub-single-image-cutI haven’t received a letter or text or anything from one footballer that wants to talk about these issues. I’ve received phone calls and I’ve spoken with all my friends here in the UK and around the world that have supported me, but I haven’t had one message from a [gay] footballer. It reminds me of the fear that I had — you remember that atmosphere and how it made you feel. It just shows there’s a huge problem. What do you do to change that, do you try to support them to create an environment that would support them to come out and they would feel comfortable in? It’s really tough.”


— L.A. Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers reminding us in a chat with BBC that the floodgates for gay “footballers” didn’t exactly open wide when he came out last Spring

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  • AxelDC

    I’m surprised none have asked him out yet!

  • MikeE

    He’s surprised none of talked to him yet?

    He QUIT soccer, THEN came out.

    THEN he left the country and went to the States to play for a team there.

    I’m sorry, I simply don’t see how other UK footballers could see that as a “positive sign” or why they would want “advice” or anything from this guy.

  • Spike

    What, you mean Tom Daley hasn’t reached out to him either?

  • joey

    why is this always so important, if people want to stay in the closet its their fucking business CHEEZZ…. good for him he came one should have this held against them no matter what walk of life they come from, but if you dont care to share your sexual preference its no ones biz…i dont share mine at work and no one has asked ..its no ones biz

  • dougmc92

    Now HE and Tom Daley would make a great couple!!! THE CLOSET KILLS, SCARS AND HURTS- NO ONE should be encouraged to stay in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy T. Williams

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  • spencer87

    I’m surprised there is an article about Robbie on here.I’m more infatuated with this perfect specimen,than that boney ass Tom Daley…

  • mz.sam

    After watching the entire BBC interview on YouTube there was no new revelations about his sports career and with coming out in professional $$ports. But it still was swoon-worthy just to watch and fantasize about him and envious of Arrow’s Greg Berlanti.

  • Dixie Rect

    I’m not surprised at all. The other soccer players thought it would be more interesting to watch paint dry than talk to him. I guess Daley stole all of Robbie’s gay thunder. Better luck next time, or get a better PR firm!

  • CCTR

    “Surprised”? His quotes here and in various article and his choice to stay closeted as long as he did, show he “understands” the fear and why other gay footballers have not and are not contacting him out.
    He may have been referring to particular players that he may suspect or know are gay or that he was questioned about and maybe he expected them or hoped they would contact him to support him and maybe seek support from him. To use the word “surprised” kinda misrepresents his comments and makes him appear a bit self centered, as though his coming out should be the paramount catalyst to other gay soccer players coming out processes.

  • Niall

    No insult to Robbie Rogers, but I’d think people would be more likely to reach out if a “bigger” star or someone with a higher profile in football came out.

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