Robbie Rogers Is Surprised No Gay Soccer Players Have Reached Out To Him

130527010425-robbie-rogers-sub-single-image-cutI haven’t received a letter or text or anything from one footballer that wants to talk about these issues. I’ve received phone calls and I’ve spoken with all my friends here in the UK and around the world that have supported me, but I haven’t had one message from a [gay] footballer. It reminds me of the fear that I had — you remember that atmosphere and how it made you feel. It just shows there’s a huge problem. What do you do to change that, do you try to support them to create an environment that would support them to come out and they would feel comfortable in? It’s really tough.”


— L.A. Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers reminding us in a chat with BBC that the floodgates for gay “footballers” didn’t exactly open wide when he came out last Spring