Rosie O’Donnell + Kelly Carpenter Ending 5 Year Marriage?


Rosie O’Donnell and Kelly Carpenter haven’t been living together since August, if the National Enquirer was to be believed. And now they’re going their separate ways entirely, Rosie told an interviewer after dropping hints on her blog. But, the former talk show host says: “We’re a family. We will remain a family forever. And we are working on our issues.” (They’ve got three kids together, after all.) The same week the pair married (in San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office), George W. Bush announced he’d try to constituionally ban same-sex marriage. WELL. So long as we’ve got Ellen and Portia, we can remain strong.

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  • GeoffM

    I know Rosie is a lightning rod…but this makes me sad.

  • Fitz

    Surviving 5 years is worth celebration. Between all the problems that we all face in a relationship, then celebrity,..

  • villager

    makes me sad too… :-/

  • Tommy

    I feel sad, too. I know Rosie can be a difficult person, but she has a good heart.

  • Attmay

    What happened? Did Kelli refute her 9/11 paranoia? Did she admit that “Rosie Live” a bomb that made Hiroshima look like a butterfly fart? Remember, she advocated from the Queen of Nice pretty quickly.

  • Sebs

    so sad news

  • lily

    5 years is like 15 in lesbian years.Kelly won’t be on the market long.She is hawt!

  • forkuu

    i had 25 years. shxt happens in all relationships.
    i dont know if rosie was the problem .i dont know her personally. she does have a side of her that can grate on you at times but heck thats just my personal opinion.
    who knows how kelli is like? you know famous rich gay women like famous rich men can be targets . i am sure its hard for rich lesbians to trust . heck i know i cant trust anymore and i am not rich. people will blow your mind no matter who you are

  • soosie

    Who cares!!!!!!!! So many other things to report on and this is it?

  • Alice O'C

    Saddened by the breakup, you appeared to be the perfect couple and family, for the children it will be difficult, but I wish you both muck happiness and maybe you can work things out.

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