Suggests ABC Inflated Numbers

Rosie Reader Rages Over ‘View’ Ratings

The View producers seem to have made the right move when they hired Whoopi Goldberg. Variety reported earlier this week that ratings are higher than ever for the daily talk show. While Goldberg, Barbara Walters and the girl are no doubt thrilled, a fan of former co-host Rosie O’Donnell’s seeing red.

In a post on her nonsensical blog, a Rosie reader questions ABC’s Nielsen numbers:

While im all about creative use of ratings, I think we need to do something with the lovely people at the view insisting that the ratings are up without rosie when in fact they are not…

Rosie goes on to cite numbers showing ratings are down 9 percent among a core demographic, women between the ages of 18 and 35. ABC, however, stands by their numbers and say total viewers are up about 400,000 compared to the same time during Rosie’s reign.

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  • Gregoire

    I dont mean to concur with this loud-mouth, but how on earth ARE more people tuning into to Whoopi Goldberg?

  • Jon

    Whoopi was really good in “Fatal Beauty”. Rosie rules. I can’t wait to read her book Celebrity Detox which comes out early next month. Everyone should buy a copy, as all proceeds go to her children’s charity.

  • rayrayj

    Whoopi Goldberg appears intelligent, thoughtful, and reasonable. I find Rosie to be vulgar and distasteful. Moreover, I find it embarrassing when she, or others, think she speaks for a gay community. Although I would avoid watching The View if only because Rosie was on, I may watch it now if only to see Whoopi.

  • jbran

    Well rayrayj, if you have a problem with one person speaking for the gay community, how do you feel about any one person speaking for any community? If you have a problem with it, you shouldn’t be watching The View at all, ever. That’s what the whole program was designed around — having a group of people from different backgrounds discussing topics of the day. They all represent their different backgrounds. I kinda feel bad for Rosie in all of this. She went on TV every day and talked about being a mom and a lesbian in the same sentence. She normalized it in a way that no one had done before. Fine, she’s loud. That doesn’t diminish what she did, which I think is pretty huge.

  • chandler in hollywood

    Your attribution is wrong.
    Rosie posted an article written by some advertising person. It is not her opinion. It was her decision to reprint it. When asked to explain it, Rosie posted that she didn’t understand it either.
    All you had to do was actually go to the source and read.

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