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  • rogue dandelion

    was that necessary?
    really, this doesn’t server rosie or the readers in any fashion.

  • InExile

    Leave Rosie alone, just leave her alone! At least she had the guts to come out!

  • TANK

    MY EYES! MY EYES! THEY BURN! They burn….*sobs* Goodbye erection. See you in ten years.

  • Mark Woods

    ‘failed variety show proprietor’ this seems like an odd caption, that overlooks her other successes and importance to the gay community and I think the caption-writer must be some bitter twisted rag that stinks.

  • flyerfier

    aw be nice, she’s lookin’ fierce sippin that perrier with her du rag on.

  • rogue dandelion

    really must queerty be so cannibalistic towards queer womyn?

  • jbw

    i’m surprised at you, queerty. why are you engaging in the same exploitation that fulfills so many stereotypes people have about us? are we all about the appearance? or will we stand behind a person who has fiercely dedicated herself to being authentic, in whatever form that may take.

    by being a celebrity, of course rosie understands the folly that will be had with such photos. for it to come from queerty is shameful.

  • rickroberts

    That’s what happens when you drink sugary drinks. Eating doesn’t help either.

  • Geoff

    I still like Rosie. She is what she is….no apologies. Gotta admire that.

  • Kevin

    Rosie rocks she has more balls than most men i know she stands up for what she beleives in. some people can not stand that about her but it is who she is get over it!!!!! You are an awesome person never quit fighting.

  • Scott

    I love Rosie and I’m not going to slam her for being overweight but she really needs to get a handle on the weight issue especially now that she’s getting older because of the long list of health problems she’s clearly going to encounter!

  • sal

    love rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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