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Rowan Williams Promises Not To Let A Single Fag Get Married In The Anglican Church

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury whose only explanation for his anti-gay stances is that he’s been “taken” by “aliens” (at least according to by V. Gene Robinson), has promised British lawmakers same-sex weddings will never take place in his Anglican Church. After the Coalition government announced plans to let gays add a religious element to their unions, religious groups were quick to retaliate. Add Williams to that list.

But now Dr Williams, who was seen as a liberal when he took up his post, has indicated that on this issue he will ally himself with conservatives in the Church. He told MPs that the CofE believed marriage could only be a union between a man and a woman – and that he would not be changing course. The meeting was set up by Tony Baldry, Tory MP for North Oxfordshire, in order to build relations between the church and politicians. Challenged by Simon Kirby, the Tory MP for Brighton Kemptown, to explain what he would say to a same-sex couple wanting a church union, Dr Williams said he would not countenance weakening its teaching on marriage, and would not be dictated to by the Coalition.

Mr Kirby said the comments would alienate gay Christians and would make the Anglican Church look out of touch. ‘I had hoped he might be more measured in his response and reflect on the cases for both sides of the argument more evenly, but he was very one-sided,’ he said. ‘Public opinion is moving faster than the Church on this issue and it is increasingly in danger of getting left behind.’

Though if I had a nickel for every time a church looked out of touch, well I wouldn’t have to rob the passed plate, now would I?

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  • Gregger

    He’s a monkey’s anus.

  • observingone

    Rowan Williams has taken the easy way out, which is not always the spiritually affirming position. He has become somewhat irrelevent in the US and sadly for others in the communion he is an impediment to full and equal standing in the cnurch for all folk.

  • Kev C

    We’re not hosting an intergalactic kegger down here.

  • Simon

    He looks like he only believes in Pedobear

  • JonJOn

    I thought the Anglican Church was totally dedicated to pissing off the Catholic Church. Henry VIII anyone? Fuck you, Vatican! Can you think of anything that would piss of the fucking Vatican MORE than blessing same-sex marriages? Come on Archbishop, you douche, you stole the costumes…do you have to steal the bigotry too?

  • Jeffree

    The Church of England broke from the Cathy-lics over the issue of divorce. They allow priests to be married, the Papists don’t. So why now all of a sudden do they want to cozy up to the medieval views of PapaRatzi? Makes no sense.

  • adman

    C’mon Rowan, what’s one little Alien butt probe among friends, eh? It wasn’t anything personal, a scientologist told me first hand they really liked you!

  • Brian Miller

    He’s trying to maintain his “growth market” in the third world — where the gays are hated and despised.

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