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What are the rules for straight people hanging out in gay bars? Awesome PSA explains it all for you

With assimilation comes the very real risk of once-interesting subcultures exploding in a fiery conflagration of mediocrity and blandness. As American gay bars continue devolving into toothless iterations of their former selves, providing endless rosters of agonizing karaoke and bingo nights where once there were backrooms and brilliant music, it’s time to ask the tough questions and pull no punches: What exactly are the ground rules for those gaggles of oft-giggly, sometimes-gawking, occasionally stiff and awkward heterosexual people who are now flocking to the gay bars, taking advantage of our drink specials and white-label Britney remixes?

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To get to the very meat of the matter, professional funnyperson Michael Henry has taken it upon himself to create an insightful PSA that breaks down the various do’s and don’t for all those straight people out there who may by happenstance suddenly find themselves carousing in their local gay watering hole.  We assure you it’s the very last word on the subject.

Let’s take a look, and live, and learn.