Run Naked


The last time we ran around naked in public was in college. But that involved a game of truth or dare and seven vodka and cranberries.

But did you know there are a lot of guys who enjoy doing this sort of thing completely sober? We stumbled upon Naked Runners, a Yahoo “discussion” group and wouldn’t you know the group isn’t full of a bunch of pervy queens. They’re just nudists who have a strong desire to stay fit and run around with their peckers flapping around.

THIS IS NOT A S-E-X GROUP, or a pick-up group.
This group is for “Naked Runners” i.e. men who enjoy being naked out-of-doors and are into running and jogging, etc… or even just taking a quiet walk. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, as long as you like to run naked.

We’re just as voyeuristic as the next homo, but if we’re going to go for a run, we can’t help but look stylish. Totally gay we know, but there’s nothing more important than fashion, people.

Naked runners really only have one wardrobe concern; their footwear. Outsports helps with our choices.

Happy flapping, er, running.