RuPaul’s Album ‘Realness’ Debuts at #6 on Billboard Charts

RuPaul‘s new album ‘Realness’ has debuted at #6 on the Billboard EDM/Electronic Albums Charts for the week of March 21. Congrats Mama Ru!

Back in February, RuPaul spilled the tee to Billboard about his new album:

[quote]What can we say about the album? Are there dance tracks? Are there ballads like last time [on Born Naked]?

Trust me. It’s what’s happening right now. I’m doing ’90s house. [Laughs] I’m doing early ’90s house/late ’80s house beats. And Eric Kupper, you know, is the master of that. So we basically went back and took what was ours to begin with. You know, my marketing philosophy is: Someone turns 18 every single day… That’s why the Kiesza album [Sound of a Woman] was so fresh to them.[/quote]

Read the full interview on and pick up your digital copy of ‘Realness’ on iTunes.