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  • fwah

    I loved it this week. Can’t wait for Snatch Game!!!! But, help. What is Party City about?

  • DenverBarbie

    @fwah: Party City sells things like Halloween costumes, balloons, gag items, graduation announcements and birthday cards, confetti, and paper plates. Essentially, just a lot of cheap and campy junk.
    -A fellow Party City girl

  • fwah

    oooo It sounds like somewhere I need to be too.

  • mizzymm

    I love Party C
    ity, I really do!

  • Mark

    I thought Sharon Needles on the runway acting like a sitcom starlette and autographing for her fans was so cute. She’s creative. The lip synch was embarrassing with them taking off their wigs and acting all epileptic.

  • Shae Shae

    So, Here is my T on this season… I begged and pleaded for my friends to come and tune into what I think is one of the best competitions on tv… But this season has been such a disappointment for me… I feel like its a bunch of men trying to be women. Now I have loved past season, because they were gay men who were doing this for an illusion and knew that when they went home they were men (Except Sonique lol). This season is like a ghetto soroity- I feel like they want to stay away from the look of Boogers Vs Heathers but come on! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Latrice. I think this is the first season a true big girl has had talent and has proven that it isnt her size that makes her a Queen but her talent. Love Sharon Needles because it is a different side of drag- Phi Phi is such a cute boy but he paints way to old. Kenya Michaels is small but has big talent. William needs to go home- I have yet to be impressed by him and i can see his 5 o’clock shadow. Chad is good but the over the top “I know all cuz im 100” attitude annoys me. and Jiggly is well anyway… Its sad to say but I feel like every season has its “Rebecca, Shannel and Nina” I think they need to bring back Raven to do a face to face get your shit in order convo lol

  • stevoj

    i think Sharon said it best in her “Meet the Queens” interview when she was asked how this season will be different…

    “Season 4 will be most definitely different than the other season! All these girls are ugly.”

    visually, they’re all kinda blah. the only standouts are Chad, Sharon, and Latrice. personally i love Willam cuz that chick is hilarious… and what’s left? Jiggly is disgusting, Kenya is a far less interesting/entertaining version of Yara and all the other chicks have no personality whatsoever

    i say shake this shit up, bring back Shangela! hell i’ll even take Carmen again

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    They wear the headphones all day because they are learning the song for the LSFYL.

    Yes Chad was channeling Florence Welch intentionally.

    Let’s face it, even Sharon is being graded on a curve. Her femme look last week or so in that green dress? With the busted makeup and hair? And her walk? LMAO.

    Suddenly Michele Visage abhors green enough to call you out in it but when Manila wore that ugly chartreuse green dress on the finale she was just GAGGING on her.

    Let’s recall the gorgeous Carmen Carrera getting read for wearing a really pretty green and pink dress with blond perfection hair and makeup as “too Barbie” “too prom girl”. hrmph.

    None of these queens except Chad and MAYBE The Princess and Kenya would have lasted very long on Season 3. And lol Willam and Shamgela, the “ACTOOORS” can’t paint without a makeup pro there.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Oh and Phi2 should only be so lucky to score a gig for Party City. Adam Lambert picked up a nice chunk of change after he won Idol doing a one off show for their corporate Halloween party.

  • Karanis

    Latrice definitely shined and looked great last episode. I think she’ll be in the top 4 or 5.

    The feud between Phi Phi and Sharon I think will persist for a several episodes. Fortunately, they’re friends now that the taping’s finished.

    Also, Party City is, according to their twitter, quite flattered by the name-dropping they’ve received from the show.

  • Madison

    @ScaryRussianHeather: STRONGLY disagree. After last season’s over-the-top bitchery and bullying, I was almost done with RPDR for good. It was worse than high school, with the cliques and phoniness.

    I am delighted with the participants of this season. Sure, you have your strong personalities to make it interesting, but nowhere near the nonsense that showed up in Season 3. There is multitude of rich talent this season, particularly with Sharon, Chad, Latrice, and although I hate to admit it, Willam.

    I’ll take Season 4 over 3 any day.

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