Rupert Everett Receives Greatest Honor:

Oh, please, you know you care: a source has told The Sun that homo-actor Rupert Everett has been givent the distinct honor of being Madonna‘s new baby’s godfather. While the two have been friends for years, apparently it’s Everett’s work in Africa that earns him the nomination.
Said source tells The Sun:

Madonna and Rupert have been pals for years and he is one of her closest friends. But more than that her trip to Africa was partly inspired by Rupert’s work out there… She knows he spends a lot of time in the country through his work with AIDS charities and that he knows the country well.

We’re really hoping that quote was cut for length, because Africa isn’t a country. Oh well.

Anyway, you’ve really got to give Madge and Rupert credit: even after that stink bomb of a movie, The Next Best Thing, they’re still homies. Although, we can’t imagine Elton John‘s too terribly pleased…