Rush Limbaugh Costing Radio Network Millions In Lost Ads

Our friends at Media Matters passed along this latest tidbit about Rush Limbaugh: Turns out the right-wing blowhard has cost a radio networks that carries The Rush Limbaugh Show several million dollars in lost ad revenuein just the first two quarters since a boycott against his sponsors was called.

From Radio Ink:

Monday evening Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey said the advertiser boycott cost his company “a couple million” dollars in ad revenue in the first quarter and “a couple million” in the second quarter. He said things look like they will be back to normal in June.

Cumulus carries Rush Limbaugh 38 markets and blames 1% of the 3.5% drop in revenue for the quarter on the Rush boycott. Dickey said Cumulus was “hit pretty hard by this.”

As Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone points out, Limbaugh is broadcast on approximately 600 stations—if Cumulus is hurting, you can bet other carriers are as well.

Further, Cumulus (like some other affiliates) pays a hefty price to broadcast Limbaugh in certain markets. So, not only are affiliates directly losing money because they made the business decision to keep Limbaugh, but they’re also paying Premiere for the pleasure of losing money. This certainly helps mitigate some of Premiere’s losses, but I doubt it compensates for the overall damage that has been done to the business health and marketability of Limbaugh’s show.

So Cumulus’ CEO claims that everything will go back to normal in June, when the furor over Limbaugh’s sexist comments about Sandra Fluke will presumably be forgotten. And Limbaugh himself claims his audience has increased 10-60% at various stations since the Fluke fiasco, even though he has no hard numbers to back it up. (Current TV has a great piece tearing apart Limbaugh’s supposed massive surge in popularity.)

But it’s more realistic to think he’s tipped over from controversial to toxic (paging Glenn Beck) and those advertisers are gone for good. Remember, he hasn’t even officially apologized to Fluke yet.

And just in case his assholery is fading from memory, the National Organization for Women is launching an “Enough Rush” campaign this month.

This is all good news but, as we said before, Rush should’ve been flushed years ago.