Russell Tovey Reveals Conversation He Had With Tom Daley About Coming Out

daleytoveyThat was what was so brilliant about what he did — the video was very casual, not even beautifully lit, just him lying on his bed going, ‘Oh fuck it, now’s the time. Yes, guys, here it is. Done. Gone. Sending it out there; see what happens’ … I messaged him and said, ‘I’m proud of you, it’s brilliant what you’ve done, mate’. He just said, ‘Thanks’. He’s really sweet. I feel slightly protective of him but I don’t want to patronise anyone. I can say, ‘If you ever need help’…  and put it out there, but he’s [in a world] beyond me. If there was a younger actor wondering whether to come out, I’d advise them, definitely.”


— Looking star Russell Tovey, who portrays a closeted footballer in the play The Pass, asked about out athletes in an interview with the Evening Standard

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  • Goforit

    While they are both a bit to young for my tastes, Daley has a body beyond his years and Tovey has that slight bad boy look and those cute ears. I wouldn’t mind watching. LOL

  • MikeE

    Oh my god! A Tom Daley post! At long last.. I didn’t think I could last 2 days without Queerty posting something about the olympic twink.

  • Fitz

    If you feel so protective of him, help him when he turns 21 and is too old for Dustin.

  • KittyLitter

    @Fitz: Seriously. Slap some sense into him. He’s dating someone old enough to be his father! No joke. He is that old in comparison.

  • Fitz

    @KittyLitter: Worse than that, cuz some 41/20 relationships work for a while… he’s dating someone with a reputation for using up young boys.

  • Daveliam

    I think Russell is very attractive. I know a lot of people find his ears to be a turn off, but I love a guy with some flaws. He’s cute, smart, and seems grounded. I’d love to see more articles about him and less about Dustin and Tom.

  • unbiasedparrot

    Everyone is feeling protective of Tom. One reason why is DLB getting so much shit. Not just because of dating a 19-year-old but because of dating a 19-year-old named Tom Daley.

  • dougmc92

    1 sentence and a ‘Thanks’ reply doesn’t seem like a conversation to me.

  • Wadey-New Zealand

    Whats wrong with his ears? Looks fine and spunky to me :)

  • dali

    Americans and many others used to, and still do, say that Brits have bad teeth. Now that Brits don’t have bad teeth, they say that Brits have bad ears. WTF people? When will this superficial bickering ever end?

  • hudson

    @Wadey-New Zealand: i agree with you. I LOVE ears that stick out a bit. sooooooo sexy. cute face too

  • Fitz

    Those handles are perfect.

  • NG22

    @dougmc92: That’s precisely what I was thinking. Not a conversation. Besides that, I just saw the full trailer for Looking today, and Russell looks nothing short of gorgeous in a suit, playing Jonathan’s boss. I’m so excited for this show. Jonathan will have a crush on Russell while dating this other guy, but Russell will reject him and yada yada. Finally, a high quality, rich gay show to get behind. I’ll probably enjoy it more than Queer as. Folk, even though that show was so sexy.

  • litper

    Love his cute ears!

  • Tackle

    Is it me or does anyone else seem to notice that from the above picture, that Russel Tovey, seems to have had his distinctive,unique ears, cosmetically pulled back? They use to flair out much more than the above photo. And on the above photo, they don’t look any different then Tom Deley’s ears. That’s why some of the above posters @Wadey-New Zealand: @hudson: are asking, whats wrong with Russell’s ears. Because they now look so normal…

  • Caleb in SC

    @MikeE: I agree. The incessant Tom Daley posts got old about 20 posts ago.

  • AuntieChrist

    I have always thought that ears in general look odd but then we would look even more bizarre without them, unless of course we were semi-aquatic.

  • sportyguy1983

    Hopefully Tom Daley said it was okay for him to talk about their private conversations.

  • 4of14

    I, love vampires. When “Being Human” came out I was so ready to cheer on the viampire, but Russell Tovey showed me another side of acting. I will watch anything with Russell in it, he is such a good guy.

  • Spike

    Well about time Queerty!!!!! Finally, a Tom Daley post !!!!!

    All is well in the Universe.

  • fagburn

    And all they said after was two tweets.

  • lemonmoon

    Brits are born with the same teeth as most people, there was just never the pressure to have them straightened and whitened . Unfortunately that pressure has arrived on our shores and now we have teeth that dazzle you at thirty paces.

  • SteveDenver

    I’ve admired Tovey’s acting and conversational point of view for a few years: since a friend of mine got me hooked on BEING HUMAN. I really like his interpretation of Daley’s coming out: no fanfare, just saying what needs to be said. Both of them charming.

  • TVC 15

    Oh, I thought Russell looked familiar! He’s the cutie-pie mid-shipman from a couple of Dr. Who episodes. I don’t know him from anything else.

  • Vegas Tearoom

    And the thought of Captain Jack and Alonzo mimicing a Doctor Who plot device is just delicious.

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