Russell Tovey Reveals Conversation He Had With Tom Daley About Coming Out

daleytoveyThat was what was so brilliant about what he did — the video was very casual, not even beautifully lit, just him lying on his bed going, ‘Oh fuck it, now’s the time. Yes, guys, here it is. Done. Gone. Sending it out there; see what happens’ … I messaged him and said, ‘I’m proud of you, it’s brilliant what you’ve done, mate’. He just said, ‘Thanks’. He’s really sweet. I feel slightly protective of him but I don’t want to patronise anyone. I can say, ‘If you ever need help’…  and put it out there, but he’s [in a world] beyond me. If there was a younger actor wondering whether to come out, I’d advise them, definitely.”


— Looking star Russell Tovey, who portrays a closeted footballer in the play The Pass, asked about out athletes in an interview with the Evening Standard