Russia Churchies Chide Queer Pride

The Russian government may allow gay pride, but some religious figures aren’t having it. The Russian Orthodox Church released a statement wagging a righteous finger at the “sexual minorities march”. How quaint.

The Russian Orthodox Church considers unacceptable the sexual minorities parade, which infringes on our multiethnic nation’s moral norms, on public order, and in a long run – on our people’s future.

The statement goes on to damn same-sex sex, claiming it only leads to further “despair” and “moral degradation”. Is that what they’re calling it now.

What’s more, it seems gay pride’s just selfish displays of decidedly offensive behavior:

Aggressiveness in promoting gay ideas even under a human rights disguise is obviously provocative. The gay activist nave no respect for other people’s rights and do not even consider that what they do may offend others.

How could we have been so inconsiderate? Don’t worry, though, the Church says they’ll show us the way. Lucky us.

Stop gay propaganda in Russia – Moscow Patriarchate [Interfax]