Russian Journalist Says Chelyabinsk Meteor Strike Was Caused By Gay People

A Russian TV host warned viewers that the Chelyabinsk meteor strike, which happened back in February, was caused by gay people.

Journalist Arkady Mamontov (pictured) said on his program Special Correspondent that the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite was punishment against Russia for tolerating LGBT people.

Because when we think of countries that tolerate gay people, Russia is first on our list.

The meteor explosion occurred on February 15 and lit up the morning sky in the city of Chelyabinsk. It resulted in a series of shock waves that damaged thousands of buildings and injured approximately 1,500 civilians.

“This is a warning to us all that we need to preserve our traditions, the family, the traditional love, or not only the Chelyabinsk meteorite will hit us, but something bigger,” the TV troll said.

He declined to say what, exactly, that would be, but it would no doubt be very, very bad.

Then he added: “I know that sodomites — which is what they should be called, instead of ‘homosexuals’ — react very painfully to this story.”

He also accused the West of trying to “destroy Russia” by supporting LGBT rights.

His remarks have since caused an uproar among LGBT advocates.

The group Russian LGBT Network filed a complaint Thursday against Mamontov, accusing the TV host of hate speech. The group’s chairman Igor Kochetkov said Mamontov also claimed that gays and lesbians want to “destroy [traditional] Russia.”

In a statement, human rights lawyer Maria Bast called the airing of the show on a major state-run network “a demonstration of increasing suppression of independent thought in Russia.” She also said that the show reflected “fascism and intolerance.”

Russian LGBT activist groups also say that assaults against LGBT people in Russia have increased dramatically since the country adopted a law outlawing the promotion of “gay propaganda” to minors.

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