Russian LGBT Leader Nikolai Alekseev Steps Down

Russian gay-rights leader Nikolai Alekseev, 34, is stepping down as the head of Moscow Pride and, he has announced to supporters and friends.

Pink News reports:

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “Dear friends … today on 21 October 2011, one year anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights verdict in the case of illegality of Moscow Pride bans, I decided to resign from the positions of the head of Russian LGBT Human Rights Project and head of Moscow Pride Organizing Committee. From midnight 21 October 2011 in Moscow and up to the decision on the new leadership, Project will be headed by Nikolay Baev and Moscow Pride Organizing Committee by Alexander Naumchik.”

While Alekseev didn’t give details on why he’s chosen to retire, he’s had a hard road since taking up his role in 2005. He’s been lauded by the international LGBT community, but back home he’s been beaten, arrested and claims he was kidnapped by Russian security, who used his phone to send fake text messages recanting his beliefs.

We hope others take up the fight in Russia and that Alekseev takes a well-deserved vacation.

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  • fagburn

    Umm, Alekseev announced this five days ago –

    Pink News idea of “news”, I guess…

    Pink News “announced” this this afternoon just after they’d got this from Peter
    Tatchell – – there are three stories seperating them on Pink News’ website, Peter is first.

    There is no “news” for Pink News – “Europe’s worst gay news website” – unless someone sends them a press release.

    A fortnight ago Pink News broke their own record and ran a story from 2010 –

    As per usual PN didn’t bother to check the story, it was just lifted from a right wing anti-gay paper in the UK the Daily Mail.

    US activists who did try and check it can not verify it.

    I’d try and get your UK stories sorced from somewhere – ANYWHERE – but Pink News, Queerty.



  • Tom

    We as an LGBT community should be ashamed of ourselves. We are divided, selfish and greedy. All of major LGBT rights non profit groups have millions in disposal but we do not help our brothers and sisters in other countries that need our help. LGBT in Middle East Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa are living in oppression, but we don’t care about them because they don’t look like us and they don’t speak our language. It is much more convenient and profitable to bitch and moan about Fox News, Fred Phelps and sell cheesy “legalize Gay” T-shirts then actually unite, rally together to help our people in other countries like Russia or Iran who are being discriminated against, beaten, abused and worse–hanged.

  • Mark Moscow

    Bad news

  • Mark Moscow

    Russian GLBT-community without a leader now.

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