Russian News Anchor Endorses “Burning And Burying” The Hearts Of Gays

news-anchorNow that Russian officials have sufficiently crushed the souls of their LGBT constituents, a popular Russian news anchor announced what he thinks they should do with the hearts of LGBT people after their death: Absolutely nothing. They’re “unsuitable for a continuation of life.”

The chilling remarks come courtesy of Dmitri Kisilev, Deputy General Director of Rossiya 1, Russia’s state-owned and government-controlled news network. During a segment discussing Putin’s new “gay propaganda” laws on “Vesti”, the network’s top-rated show, Kisliev told viewers that “imposing fines on gays for homosexual propaganda among teenaged is not enough.”

He also pushed for a ban on homosexuals donating blood and sperm, as well as organs. He believes “their hearts…should be buried in the ground or burned as unsuitable for the continuation of life.”

If you think that’s sick, just wait for the roaring applause he gets when he’s finished!

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  • 2eo

    And I believe the gulags didn’t kill enough of these people.

  • Jayson

    Not only these people ugly on the outside, they are ugly on the inside as well. Get in line for your toaster and f-off!

  • MK Ultra

    How come he, and many in the audience, look and act as if they’re missing a few chromosomes? As if, perhaps, they’re not quite evolved from ape to man.
    Maybe we should put them on the endangered animals list – real life neanderthals!

  • sanfranca1

    And I fully endorse that you, Dmitri Kisilev, and those of your ilk, be drawn and quartered. You have absolutely no redeeming qualities or value to the world.

  • J.c.

    I thought Russia was really making inroads 10 years back or so but they are really regressing badly. The economy is in shambles still and Putin is just trying to do what Hitler did and give the angry masses something to rally against while Rome (Moscow) burns. Unfortunately its the gays like Germany’s Jews who are suffering. I imagine if this continues the rest of world will have no choice but to cancel the Olympic games there.

  • Geoff B

    I am very worried the only way this madness will stop is when Putin and his cronies are brought up on charges of crimes against humanity and executed. I just hope this happens before another holocaust. I often dismissed people who compared right wing Christians in America to Nazis, but after following the recent events in Russia, I no longer do so. I don’t know what will happen in Russia, but I have come to realize we must stop the hatemongers here at home (Bachmann, Santorum, etc) before it happens here. I’m not advocating violence by any means, but we have to use what we have at our disposal and if that means having to sink to their level, so be it. In cases like this, the ends truly do justify the means.

  • Kangol

    This is as monstrous as anything being done and said in Jamaica.

    Where is the outrage, Queerty readers? This man should be prosecuted for calling for the harm of other people. You want to be a homophobic, closeted psycho, that’s your problem. But then you start calling for attacks against others, especially people who now have all protections stripped from them and are especially vulnerable?

    The Gulag wouldn’t be good enough for this creep!

  • Rusty66

    This is coming STRAIGHT from the Russian Orthodox Church. It’s a shame there are so few English-language sources on the Russian Church … its history makes the western Inquisition look like a garden party!

  • Billysees

    @J.c.: 5

    Well said.

    They’ve got some serious social problems that never seem to heal.

    I keep thinking of Stalin and the murderous evil he bestowed upon their people.

    I wonder if they’ll ever over come their disastrous past.

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