SA Rent Boy Blog Banished

James Small and other South African celebrities are breathing a bit easier today. The mystery “rent boy” responsible for naming “closeted” clients has taken down his lusty list after five of his targets threatened legal action.

Calling himself “Skye”, the blogger apologized to the gay community and his victims. He goes on to insist he wasn’t out to hurt anybody:

I wanted to stop the selfish treatment inflicted on male sex-workers by well known people. I didn’t make any money or profit out of this and I have pulled out of a contract to take part in a TV programme.

I am convinced that in time people will see that what I started doing was the right thing at the right time. I have no grudges against my former clients and needed to get this information out of my system. If this was the most ethical thing to do is debatable.

It may not have been ethical, but it certainly made a good story.