Trader Forced To Take Estrogen?

“SAC Capital Made Me Gay,” Says Former Trader

Andrew Z. Tong filed a discrimination suit against former employer, uber-rich hedge fund SAC Capital. Why? Because the company allegedly made him take black market estrogen that turned him gay.

Key points via CNBC:

• After being hired at SAC, Tong alleges that Jiang came to him and told him he had a trading method in which his traders must not be too aggressive; that traders must be more effeminate and to do so, he directed Tong to begin taking female hormones.
• Tong says he then took the female hormones that he bought on the black market.
• Tong then alleges he suffered emotional and physical distress. The hormones, he says, caused him to begin wearing women’s clothes. He also could not perform sexually with his wife, who wanted to have a baby.
• Tong says the sexual harassment included sexual relations between the two men.

Tong hoped to keep these details out of the news.

Apparently that estrogen made him into a naive Nancy.