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Sacha Baron Cohen Stole Bruno From This Guy


Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy is known for two things: Exploiting stereotypes, and attracting lawsuits. Bruno is already infamous for both, but we’re preparing ourselves for a possible double-whammy: An actual gay Austrian fashion TV reporter who loves Zac Efron claims he’s the inspiration for Cohen’s character. TMZ: “The dude caught in the middle is Alfons Haider — he’s proud to be gay, he’s into fashion, and (just like Bruno) he’s also been known to compare himself to Zac Efron. Want more evidence? — Alfons is the highest-paid presenter on Austrian state broadcaster ORF. In the film, Bruno works for a channel called OJRF. Coincidence? The controversy has been raging in Austria for a while, but Haider just told The Telegraph newspaper, ‘I never understood the comparison to myself at all. The only comparisons I can think of is that I’m Austrian, I’m gay, and I work for television, but the rest is completely fiction.'”

So you mean the “eye-popping montage of extreme gay sex practices (imaginary, one hopes), a surfeit of waving penises, dildos, fetish gear, anal bleaching, and an excruciating mime in which Brüno fellates the ghost of a deceased member of Milli Vanilli in front of a psychic” … is all made up?