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Salvation Army Won’t Give Kids Witchcraft-y Twilight Or Harry Potter Toys This Christmas

In the USA, the Salvation Army is watching its holiday bell ringers take in a lot less cash. To the north in Canadaland, the Salvation Army apparently has the resources to be discriminating: it will not be distributing any non-Christian toys to kids this year. Take that, Twilight franchise!

And you too, Harry Potter.

All this vampire and sorcery commercialism isn’t part of the message Sal’s wants to send children this year, so any toy identified with warlocks and wizards is off the list. Even if you’ve been a good boy! But fear not, wee ones. If you don’t like what the Salvation Army is handing out, you’re free to get your Bella doll elsewhere, reports the Calgary Herald.

It’s not that toys aren’t needed, a spokeswoman said, rather some items aren’t in step with the Christian aid organization’s principles. “There are just certain items that parents have asked not be included in the gift bags,” said Capt. Pam Goodyear. “Items that have come to my attention include the Twilight series and we also don’t give out toy guns.”

Last Christmas, the Sally Ann distributed 6,000 gift bags for underprivileged children and teens in Calgary, made possible through donations to the annual Toy Mountain campaign. Donated toys not distributed to needy children through the Salvation Army are passed on to other, unnamed agencies for “distribution in another manner,” Goodyear said Wednesday.

“They are given out in an open setting, and that way parents can decide if they want that.” Goodyear said the decision to not distribute such toys is simple. “The Salvation Army doesn’t support witchcraft, witchery and black magic,” she said. “That’s not a ban, it’s our stand.”

Ooh, I like that phrase, “That’s not a ban, it’s our stand.” Somebody should put that on a Christmas ornament. With fangs! Now does anybody know if Avatar toys are off limits?