Sam Adams Recall Effort Underway

sam_adamsWhile gay media mogul Paul Colichman is busy paying one-time Sam Adams lover Beau Breedlove to strip naked (real classy, Paul), an anonymous group of Portland residents are getting ready to dress down Portland’s openly gay mayor by gathering signatures to start a recall. The soonest they can begin the recall is July 1st, but the activists have already set-up a website where they claim, “We feel that Sam Adams has exploited and done a great disservice to the LGBT community.”

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  • Sebbe

    Yeah and their slogan is “click him out of office”. Oh those Oregonians and their efficient mail-in voting.

  • Tom

    Is it just me or does “one-time Sam Adams lover Beau Breedlove to strip naked” sound like a bad beer commercial in a tragically horrid porno?

  • Jaroslaw

    The anonymous recallers are concerned that Sam did a “…disservice to the LGBT community?” How come I don’t think that is their primary motive? How much is this going to cost the city of Portland to have a recall? Probably hundreds of thousands. What a waste of money.

    I thought even the people who hated this “scandal” agreed he is a very competent official. Leave this issue until the next election.

  • hardmannyc

    This douche really need to resign pronto.

  • alan brickman

    it’s really become an “excuse” to get rid of a mayor who happens to be gay..there I said it…

  • Ed (the original)

    what a colossal waste of time. I guess it’s good that the community at large can view the glbts as not monolithic but this just seems like energy wasted.

    eh, ny should have these problems…

  • derrysf

    He is apparently a sexual compulsive, ruthless, manipulative, and a pathological liar. In other words, he has the ideal skills set for an American politician.

  • Crystal Ball

    I predict Unzipped might just be a starting point for Breedlove’s venture into “media.” I smell at least one “amateur” video to follow.

    In 6 months time I see Adams out of office or at least the recall in place. Of course some people who don’t like gays support his removal from office, but there are also a lot of people who want him to resign for a variety of other more intellectually seasoned reasons. It’s an odd coalition seeking to remove him from office. And no doubt the bible-thumping gay-haters will make it difficult for alot of people to support the recall.

    When Sam is gone then and only then can Portland focus on more important things again like nude bicycling.

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