Same-Sex Couples Taking In Half Of The Adopted Children In Flanders

In 2012 half of the adoptable children in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, went to same-sex couples.

According to the Flemish Center for Adoptions (FCA), of the 30 children that were put up for adoption last year, 14 went to gay families and 16 went to heterosexual ones.

Granted, we’re not talking huge numbers, but it’s a testament to how adoption agencies can operate when they don’t fall prey to bigotry. What’s more, since mothers in Belgium can halt an adoption if they don’t approve of the prospective parents, gay couples are getting the thumbs-up from birth moms as well.

None of the 122 children brought to Flanders from other countries (most often China and Ethiopia) were adopted by gay couples. The FCA claims this is because of opposition to gay couples adopting in those regions.

In 2003, Belgium became the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.  Gay couples can adopt, access in-vitro treatments, serve in the military and are protected from workplace discrimination.

Hmm, wonder how hard it is to learn Flemish?