Same-Sex Families Get Animated In Boxtrolls Movie

BoxtollsHere’s a snappy new upbeat trailer for the forthcoming Boxtrolls movie. You may recall a trailer last year that featured the astounding line, “sometimes there’s a father and a father” and “sometimes, both fathers are mothers.” It’s probably the first mainstream animated film to include gay parents in the trailer. (Unless you count the red-band trailer for The Aristocats, which is filthy, just filthy.)

The film won’t be out until September, so there’s still plenty of time to speculate about exactly how gay, if at all, the film is actually going to be.

We scrutinized the new trailer for gay couples and couldn’t spot any — although there does appear to be a drag queen maybe? Or perhaps she’s just a particularly angular evil aunt.

Boxtrolls is the work of Laika Studios, which previously gave us a gay character in Paranorman. And before that, theyre was Coraline, which wasn’t exactly queer but was certainly otherworldly.

Meanwhile, what other animated film are you looking forward to this year? The Planes sequel? Hahaha yeah sure. Between this and The Lego Movie, 2014 is looking kind of slim for good animated features.