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Sarah Palin Wrote Down Some of Her Lies So You Could Pick Them Apart


Is everybody loving the Associated Press’ fact-checking of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue? Our favorite bullet point comes at the very end:

PALIN: “Was it ambition? I didn’t think so. Ambition drives; purpose beckons.” Throughout the book, Palin cites altruistic reasons for running for office, and for leaving early as Alaska governor.

THE FACTS: Few politicians own up to wanting high office for the power and prestige of it, and in this respect, Palin fits the conventional mold. But “Going Rogue” has all the characteristics of a pre-campaign manifesto, the requisite autobiography of the future candidate.

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  • RomanHans

    It’s that damn Purpose that’ll make her quit the Presidency to begin her campaign for Saint.

  • terrwill

    Please dear god let this lunatic get the repugnatican nomination in 2012!!!

  • FakeName

    She may well get the nomination in 2012 although there’s a good chance that she’ll simply function to make the other candidates look more “moderate” by comparison.

  • cornucopia

    If she becomes president in 2012 then I’m going to have to seriously study the Mayan’s ancient prophesy!

  • Keith Kimmel

    She is nuts. Batshit crazy.

  • Meowzer

    The more she talks, the dumber she sounds. Let’s hope she keeps talking her self into a whole before she has a chance of screwing the country in 2012

  • Go Sarah Palin 2012

    kick ass and take out the white house and chicago sewer rat czars. stop the lies… “change” roflmao

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