sassy gay salesman

Sassy Gay Friend is Back with With More Commercial-tainment

How do we feel about Sassy Gay Friend always shilling for Kraft Foods? We do like his schtick, but this business with “MiO” has us conflicted.

On one hand: why shouldn’t Second City make a few extra bucks for entertaining us? On the other hand, ALL RIGHT, WE GET IT.

“What what what are you doing” was a fun gay catchphrase, but is it still lovable now that it’s a slogan for junk food? Would three wolf moon be as fun if they were howling at a Dorito? Would those OK Go videos still be fun if they were trying to sell somethi … oh.

MiO, in case you’re interested, is mostly sucralose (aka Splenda) and acesulfame potassium, which you’ll be pleased to hear probably do not cause cancer. So, that’s a mark in its favor.

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  • Alex

    “What position do you play?”


    Wow, I love this man. That was way too easy

  • DJ

    He’s hilarious!

  • Ogre Magi

    @jeff4justice: You ain’t fit to suck the sweat from his taught firm buttocks!

  • Jedi Masta

    @jeff4justice: If by better, you mean you have a more grating voice and that your videos are too dumb for anyone to care…then yeah. You are a better homo YouTuber than this guy.

  • Kieran

    And we’re perplexed why gay athletes choose to stay in the closet? LOL
    The stereotype is alive and thriving.

  • alan brickman

    He’s brilliant!! The haters hate anyone who is talented….

  • Eric

    Love Sassy! He can do anything, sell anything and I will adore him. Serious love him. When does he get his own show?!

  • fagburn

    Please stop posting this unfunny crap.

  • paul f

    @fagburn: Watch the eve one instead. That one is funny!

  • fagburn

    @paul f: That wasn’t funny either.

  • ziggypop

    Ive loved all the Sassy Gay Friend clips up till now, but this one isnt funny and borders on offensive. Maybe its because he queening it up in front of straight people instead of in a scripted skit where he actually tells the heroine to wise up. Here he’s just a minstrel. He could be silly without being a one-man minstrel show. But I suppose a girl gotta eat.

  • Ogre Magi

    @fagburn: You wouldn’t know what funny is if it sat on your face and started to wiggle!

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