sassy gay salesman

Sassy Gay Friend is Back with With More Commercial-tainment

How do we feel about Sassy Gay Friend always shilling for Kraft Foods? We do like his schtick, but this business with “MiO” has us conflicted.

On one hand: why shouldn’t Second City make a few extra bucks for entertaining us? On the other hand, ALL RIGHT, WE GET IT.

“What what what are you doing” was a fun gay catchphrase, but is it still lovable now that it’s a slogan for junk food? Would three wolf moon be as fun if they were howling at a Dorito? Would those OK Go videos still be fun if they were trying to sell somethi … oh.

MiO, in case you’re interested, is mostly sucralose (aka Splenda) and acesulfame potassium, which you’ll be pleased to hear probably do not cause cancer. So, that’s a mark in its favor.