MILK INTOLERANCE Would Like Your Kids To Celebrate Genocide And Slavery Instead Of Harvey Milk Day

Here we go again. Randy Thomasson of the humbly named wants you to know that “Children as young as 5 years old [are] at risk of being forced to honor and embrace the values of notorious homosexual activist and sexual predator of teens, Harvey Milk.” He’s talking (of course?) about Harvey Milk Day a day to remember “the life of Harvey Milk, recognising his accomplishments and familiarising pupils with the contributions he made to this state.”

Thomasson’s video goes on to use dramatic piano music stolen straight from a TV medical drama, tons of fawkin’ sequins “scare quotes”, and a suggestion that parents protect kids by keeping them home on “Harvey Milk Day,” which got us thinking, why doesn’t he feel the same about Columbus Day or Washington’s Birthday? Yes, Harvey had a 16-year-old boyfriend (Jack Galen McKinley) but it’s not like he ever orchestrated the mass genocide of Native Americans or owned slaves. So we guess we can safely assume that while Thomasson doesn’t want kids to celebrate cradle-robbing, he does want them to celebrate murder and racism—traditional American values!

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  • TheRealAdam

    The hypocrisy of anti-gay bigots is astounding.

  • 12345deviant

    Apparently, if you celebrate Harvey Milk day, his ghost will come and rape you and then you will get the combined trio of aids, cancer, and straight up death.

  • HAL

    Too bad his estate can’t sue over posthumous libel, because that’s a crock of shit. Ignoring the completely unbased “facts” in the entire video.

    But it’s ok, the rest of their videos are just as bad.

  • eatmybush69

    Americans are truly the worst people in the “industrialized” world

  • abnerbha

    I support free will to not celebrate Columbus Day. But if people especially European Christians such as Italians and Spaniards want to celebrate Columbus Day or which in Iberoamerica is called el dia de la hispanidad (la fiesta nacional de espana in Spain), then I will support their free will to celebrate this day. The late Prof. W.H. Carroll and anthropologist Carol L. Delaney (Stanford) said that Christopher Columbus asked Spain to send good Christians and that Christopher Columbus forbade marauding and atrocities. But many of the people who were sent to the New World were convicted criminals, sometimes death row inmates. Christopher Columbus did not want the administrator job given that he and his brothers were Italian, the sailors and soldiers often went against orders Columbus and his brother Bartolome gave. Christopher Columbus said in his diaries that he wanted things to be done like this but his sailors and soldiers did differently.

    Now while 1 can discard or debate hundreds of years later the sincerity of what Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary, again only he knew. Columbus and his 2 brothers are thousands of miles away in another land, having to deal with mutiny threats, diseases and warring Indians. 1 could conclude that Columbus and his 2 brothers believed they could not stop the people (who disregarded their orders) from doing what they were doing had to go along with it by pacifying the people they were in charge of until help came from Spain & that we do not know the fear, or other things if they did not go along-but again, only they knew their motives.

    While Professor Carol L. Delaney and the late Prof. W.H. Carroll (Christendom) don’t know all the answers, those who do mock trials of Columbus and the late Howard Zinn (didn’t read his book but know about him) also don’t know all the answers. With Christopher Columbus, the soldiers and sailors who were under his command were often convicted criminals including death row inmates who had their sentences commuted for freedom. I know about slavery, tribute system which Columbus allowed. Did Columbus allow this as a way to pacify those he was in charge of as they disregarded him? Again, only Christopher Columbus & his 2 brothers knew their motives as Columbus did ask Spain to send good Christians but instead many convicted criminals including death row inmates who had their sentences commuted were sent and they disregarded him and his 2 brothers. Historians can say that he allowed this but what they can’t know are what his motives were & those who have done mock trials of Columbus don’t know the answers regarding Columbus’s motives.

    It’s likely the Native Americans who Christopher Columbus discovered were not the original people. We know the history from 1492 in that both the Tainos and Caribs were fighting each other for land, but we don’t know what the history was before 1492, as we don’t know who was there in 1482, 1472, etc. We don’t know how long the Caribs and Tainos or Arawaks were there, how much of the land was originally theirs and whether there were other tribes living there before who were killed or expelled. It’s possible that in 1462, there were other Natives living there before the Caribs and Tainos drove them out either by war or threat of war-after that the territory fighting left was between the Caribs and Tainos. If this is true, then the Tainos and Canibs would not be the original inhabitants, the original inhabitants would be those who were there before them.

  • abnerbha

    If the law had punished Harvey B. Milk for committing homosexual abuse on a 16 year old boy in 1964 (which he was not prosecuted for) & if the Wyoming legal system had given Methew Wayne Shepard years in prison rather than counseling by Natrona County Juvenile Court for molesting 2 boys when he was 15 years old, then Harvey B. Milk & Methew Wayne Shepard both would have avoided being murdered in 1978 & 1998. It’d been better if this had happened-Harvey B. Milk convicted of homosexual statutory rape in 1960s, does prison time & then spends rest of his days in a homeless shelter or his family taking care of him after he’s released from prison. Harvey Bernard Milk was a despicable homosexual coward who in 1964 committed statutory rape on a teenage boy (the boy committed suicide in 1980) but H.B. Milk was never prosecuted for it. Harvey Bernard Milk should’ve been convicted & jailed for felony statutory rape in 1964 & lost his right to vote. Harvey B. Milk being dead since 11/27/1978 won’t be able to homosexually statutorily rape any more teen boys. Harvey B. Milk also bragged about having sex in park restrooms but never being caught by the police-he asked other boys for sex in the bathroom which is criminal indecent exposure because the bathroom is the place to use the bathroom and wash up and is not a house or bar so not the place for proposals. A handicapped man in 2008 had mentioned that when he was a runaway in 1977, Harvey Bernard Milk abused him by asking him to runaway with him, with Harvey B. Milk knowing that he was handicapped. Is there something wrong with this So we know that Harvey B. Milk had @least 2 teenage boys who were his victims-1 in 1964 and another 1 in 1977 with the 2nd victim a handicapped runaway. Getting murdered in 1978 & 1998 does not change the truth that both Harvey B. Milk & Methew Wayne Shepard were gay pedophiles.

    If people want to watch the Laramie Project play, then it’s their right. The same thing with if people want to watch the 2008 movie Milk about Harvey B. Milk which starred Sean J. Penn. But schools push the movie Milk and the Laramie Project play on schoolchildren with little to no opposing views. With Harvey B. Milk and M.W. Shepard, what has happened is adults pushing their agenda on schoolchildren. If homosexual/lesbian groups want to honor Harvey B. Milk and Methew Wayne Shepard, then it’s their business. But when they push their views on children, then it’s wrong. If Harvey B. Milk, Laramie Project propaganda comes to your school, then tell truths about who both were. If people want to watch Laramie Project on their own will, then it’s their right. But it is wrong for high schools and colleges to require students to watch this. If they do require students to watch this, then students should have a right to tell the ugly truths about who he was and to give their views w/o being punished by a teacher who didn’t like their view. Laramie Project is pushing Queero worship on Methew Wayne Shepard. The movie Milk is pushing queero worship on Harvey B. Milk.

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