MILK INTOLERANCE Would Like Your Kids To Celebrate Genocide And Slavery Instead Of Harvey Milk Day

Here we go again. Randy Thomasson of the humbly named wants you to know that “Children as young as 5 years old [are] at risk of being forced to honor and embrace the values of notorious homosexual activist and sexual predator of teens, Harvey Milk.” He’s talking (of course?) about Harvey Milk Day a day to remember “the life of Harvey Milk, recognising his accomplishments and familiarising pupils with the contributions he made to this state.”

Thomasson’s video goes on to use dramatic piano music stolen straight from a TV medical drama, tons of fawkin’ sequins “scare quotes”, and a suggestion that parents protect kids by keeping them home on “Harvey Milk Day,” which got us thinking, why doesn’t he feel the same about Columbus Day or Washington’s Birthday? Yes, Harvey had a 16-year-old boyfriend (Jack Galen McKinley) but it’s not like he ever orchestrated the mass genocide of Native Americans or owned slaves. So we guess we can safely assume that while Thomasson doesn’t want kids to celebrate cradle-robbing, he does want them to celebrate murder and racism—traditional American values!