Say Hello to Mexico City’s Gay Marriages + Adoptions

Today is the first day for Mexico City’s gays to legally marry and adopt. Yahoo! It’s also the first day that opponents of equality begin really freaking it, because now their heterosexual marriages are harmed, worth less, and threatened. [WaPo]

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One Comment

  • Taylor Siluw√©

    Yes, sadly, today’s the day Mexico City’s hetero married couples begin to bleed from the eyes.

    Not much. Just a red tear at first. But as more and more same-sex couples begin to happily hump in wedded bliss and breathlessly aspirate THE GAY into in the air, those red tears will surely turn into a torrent and the streets will run red and Satan himself will burst through the ground, laughing, smiling, victorious.

    Or I could be wrong. ;-)

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