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Scenes from an Indoctrination: Shocking Photo of Children Learning that Gay People Exist

How did you celebrate Harvey Milk Day? Our pal Eric Ross popped over to a school in San Francisco to read his book, “My Uncle’s Wedding,” to a group of 40 first-graders.

“My Uncle’s Wedding” is a sweet little story of a kid whose uncle is about to marry a dude. In a pleasant, matter-of-fact tone, it walks children through the process of holding a wedding, from picking out cakes to dressing up and saying the vows. Charming!

Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing up with which NOM will not put.

This is what they’re talking about when they talk about “indoctrination” or “teaching gay marriage” in schools: the simple act of acknowledging that gay people exist, they’re a part of every family, and they are just as capable of love and support as anyone else.