Schori Backing Down On Gay Rights

American Episcopal leader Katharine Jefferts Schori may have supported openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson’s ascension back in 2004, but it seems she’s ready to give up the good gay fight. Fresh from her trip to Tanzania, where she and her pious peers debated the role of gays in the broader Anglican Communion, Schori came out to urge her loyal followers to concede to international pressure and end gay ordinations.

To live together in Christian community means each member takes seriously the concerns and needs of other members. If we can lower the emotional reactivity in the midst of this current controversy, we just might be able to find a way to live together.

That doesn’t sound like living together to us. It sounds like a cop-out and a disturbing one, especially because Schori personally believes the church should include gays.

Could it be that Schori’s lost her backbone? It certainly looks that way.