Schwarzenegger’s Log Cabin Republicans Speech: A Lesson In Avoiding the Gays

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last night was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s much touted speech in front of the Log Cabin Republicans — heretofor referred to as “the first time he spoke to a gay audience since taking office.” From the cheers of “Four more years!” it was clear some in the $250-per-plate audience were big fans. But that didn’t mean he didn’t face any detractors, and for good reason: while the LGR’s site Schwarzenegger’s record on GLBT issues as “extraordinary,” the truth is Arnold has voted against gay marriage and vetoed a bill to include gay and lesbian history in classroom textbooks. So what’d Schwarzenegger do? Brushed around the issue, saying very little about gay rights, except:

“In our society, we need a higher level of understanding, not a lower one. And we need an understanding of tolerance that is stronger, not weaker,” the governor said. He never mentioned his veto of the same-sex marriage bill beyond saying that he and the group might not always agree, but they share the same values.

The California Log Cabin Republicans — who call Schwarzenegger’s record on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues “extraordinary” — say the governor’s appearance shows they have made gains within California’s Republican Party seen in few other states.

“For a Republican governor to include speaking to gays and lesbians as part of a strategy for winning, that’s a historic paradigm shift,” said Jeff Bissiri, director of the Log Cabin Republicans, which hosted the $250-per-plate dinner for 350 people.

And for a gay and lesbian group of voters to open their arms to a governor who’s on the record as battling their civil rights cause is also a historic paradigm shift — against progress in gay rights.

Governor thanks gay GOP group for backing [SF Chronicle]

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  • RSL

    I thought the part where he said “he and the group might not always agree, but they share the same values” was priceless. Typical Republican posturing that no matter whether you’re queer or straight, all you really care about is money. Awesome.

  • boifromtroy

    Did you even read the first sentence of the Chronicle’s article?!? The part about signing more LGBTTIQ legislation than any Governor in California history?

    It’s hard to think of ANY Governor–Republican or Democrat–who would have given that speech…and I can guarantee you you wouldn’t get such enthusiastic support from Clinton, Kerry or Gore!

  • Miki del Sur

    Erratum: The Governor has not vetoed a bill that would require teaching about gays in history because that bill has yet to be presented to him. Get your facts straight before you purport to present queer news.

  • akaison

    a) he has said he will veto the bill when presented with him- so the people who need to get their facts ‘straight’ are those trying to defend him

    b) he vetoed other gay legislation

    c) the guy who did the most for gays was the precedent idiot for govenor Gray davis with his domestic partnership laws- which were designed to deal with prop 20- I believe in which marriage was defined as between a man and woman- something ran by the Republicans in california

    d) he’s doing this shit because he’s facing a potentially difficult election. only potentially b/c the democrats are such dumbasses that they can always be counted on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

    e) when gay Republicans say they have other issues other than their sexuality that are important to them- i take them at their word. This is why on the gay stuff I ignore what they have to say because as they say- its not their top priority.

  • boifromtroy


    How many times did Davis veto Domestic Partnerships before he signed them?

    Thanks for recognizing, though, that Gay Republicans can vote on more than one issue. And if we required all of our politicians to be “perfect” on gay issues, there’d hardly be a race we could vote in!

  • akaison

    the point boy- is who passed it? your boy didn’t and is blowing smoke up your ass just to get your vote. me, i require more from people I date than that. my team takes a while to stop kissing people’s ass like a high school girl with pimples, but at least their hearts in the right (no pun intended) place. and yes, you vote for all kinds of things- none of which given the state of Republican leadership and failures of Republican policies, you should be tauting as a sign of your good judgement. Luckily though we live in a semi-free society- you get to make whatever bone head decision you want. Just don’t expect all of us to think anything more of you than we do- namely you are a cheap date. A lot promise equalling a whole lot of nothing. peace.

  • Dale

    Bill Clinton’s administration gave us “Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell” and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, two items were are STILL fighting against after all these years, yet all gays are suppose to kiss his butt and worship the ground he walks on.

    People say LGBT Democrats have a double standard when it comes to Republicans. I correct them and tell them NO; gay Democrats have a HIGHER standard for Republicans to meet, one they refuse to apply to Democrats.

  • akaison

    why did Bll have to give us don’t ask don’t tell? Was it because this is what he wanted? Was it the dreaded Hillary? No- wait, I know – it’s because your party, the republicans, didn’t want to give us gays anything b/c you know “we would hurt morale.” Anyone who can remember Thurmond and co arguing that position knows that this was only compromise he could get from your party at the time. It was set up as an ambush.

    But- let’s forget all this. It’s pretty sad you got to pull up things 5 and 15 years ago to make your argument. why not bring up pre stonewall stuff too to make your argument? Or 1733.

    Second, I am not a Democat- I am an independent who knows which of the two parties is closest in terms of where I want to be. I am actually kind of moderate- whatever that words means in today’s screwed up political context. The dems maybe chickenshit pussies with the whole gay civil unions thing- but at least they are talking civil unions, and not banning the whole sheebang in a constitutional amendment and using us queens as bait for the rabid christianist conservatives.

    Third, stop whining. Nothing worse than a fag who whines, except maybe a Republican queen who whines. It ain’t about higher standards for the republicans over the Dems. It’s about having standards, period. Then judging who comes closer to them. Right now that’s the Democrats.

    If your party rediscovered some of its Goldwater roots, maybe you would have a better shot. Right now though- when I here some log cabiner talk about how they are more than just about being gay- I got to wonder, what world are you living in? I give you the argument- not because I think you have made a good point. I give it to you because considering the mess the Republicans are making of this country – tauting the other issues is a little like a drunk driver tauting only having killed one (gay rights) but maimed 10 (the other issues). Good luck with that argument.

  • Dale

    akaison. Just what the gay community needs – another hateful stereotyping meathead… Not a “Democat” but walks and talks and smells like one. Making excuses for Bill and Hillary STILL: “It was an ambush”. LOL! Another gay apologist for the “Democats”, brain meter on empty, full of hate and bile.

  • akaison

    yes dale because if we all became Republicans today then of course we would get what we want. I don’t need to apologize for anyone Dale- most definitely not the Clintons who are as messy as any other politician. that’s what you are doing for GOP- b/c making excuses is all you got to show for being screwed (and not in a good way).

  • John T

    I’m no Clinton apologist but I don’t understand this reoccurring phenomenon that I see in blog comment pages again and again: Clinton came into office promising to end the military’s gay ban, Republican-controlled Senate said “hell no!” and shot Clinton down, lame “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” compromise is formed, a dozen years later some silly Republican-sympathizer tries to convince me that Clinton was a gay-hater therefore I should be supporting GOP. Wha?

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