Scientology “Actor” Outs NFL, Warns Denton

We’ve always thought American football to be a little faggy – and now we have the totally unsubstantiated proof! Scientology exposer Ian Halperin – who infiltrated the “religion” by posing as a gay actor looking for a queer cure – tells us that a footballer basically outed the entire National Football League, especially the NY Giants:

One NFL star told me at least 15 percent of players in the NFL league are, and another 20 percent are bi. Interestingly, he said the NY Giants, who are in this year’s super bowl, have at least a half dozen players who are gay.

Talk about a tight end! (Oh, c’mon! You should have seen that one coming!)

Meanwhile, the Scientologists are out for blood. Halperin tells us he’s in hiding after some unsettling experiences:

It’s been a crazy few days – almost got run over by a taxi outside where I live and then received phone threats. I’ve decided to lay low until this all calms down. I was warned by several Scientologists that this would happen once the book and film came out. I did not think it would be this bad…

Thus, Halperin has retreated to an undisclosed, mountainous location until things cool down a bit. We did the same thing when Michael Lucas came after us, except we hung out with Arabs. They’re the porn star’s kryptonite.

Halperin ain’t the only person on the Scientological hit list. Gawker’s Nick Denton definitely made some enemies after posting the infamous Tom Cruise video. Run, Denton, run!!

Here’s the trailer to Halperin’s since-delayed Hollywood Undercover: