Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears On Celeb Closet Cases: “Just Lie And Say You’re Straight”

If you’re going to be a closet case then just lie and say you’re straight. It bugs me when they say “why are you asking me if I’m gay? It doesn’t matter.” Well it matters a lot to the fifteen year-old at home who’s going through it. It’s a highly offensive statement and it makes me angry.

I’d love to be a role model for gay men who feel they don’t fit in to what it means to be gay. You don’t need a perfect body and hair and love dance music and go out all night and do drugs. I’m a pretty decent guy. I’m the most level-headed in the band by default because everyone else is fucking insane.”

Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears, talking about stars who dodge the issue, in the latest issue of Gay Times. The band’s fourth album, Magic Hour, drops May 29.