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Scott Evans’ Brother Chris Was the One Who Outed Him. Not That He Cared

The idea of outing celebrities is a controversial one. How much privacy do closeted famous persons deserve? Arguably, a lot! Also arguably, none at all. But usually we blame the press of the blogs for pushing celebs out of the closet, which is why Lance Bass and Clay Aiken have acknowledged the obvious. But what happens when your own brother is the one who outs you to the press? ‘Cause that’s how soap star Scott Evans came out to the world.


Scott’s actor brother Chris accidentally revealed his younger brother’s sexuality in a press interview, he tells “Yes he outed me, well outed me publicly. I outed me when I was nineteen. He outed me publicly. There was no shock. I didn’t get any phone calls like, ‘You’re kidding.’ They knew. … It was in The Advocate where he said it and told my story. When that article came out, he took a lot of flack from a lot of his friends who said, ‘I can’t believe you did that.’ Immediately I got a phone call from him. He left me this message freaking out, ‘Are you okay with this? I didn’t mean to this, I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ I was like, ‘Dude, I don’t care. It’s as if you said Scott Evans has blonde hair and blue eyes.’ It’s who I am, I don’t really care. He was relieved to hear that, but he still comes up and says, ‘Dude, I’m sorry about that.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t care.’ I’m glad that he’s comfortable enough to talk about it and he’s not ashamed.”

It makes it harder to figure out who’s sexier. Okay, yesterday’s One Life to Live sex scene between Evans’s Fish and Brett Claywell’s Kyle made that easy:

We appreciate the fireworks in the background.

Now here it is in slow motion!