Scott Herman: Real World Hero


Scott Herman told Queerty “Katelynn [Cusanelli] and I became really close friends on the show” — but after watching last night’s episode of The Real World: Brooklyn, we almost didn’t believe it after the childish back-and-forth bickering the twosome got into (plus other juvenile behavior, like locking the dishes away, hiding the pool table balls, and moving furniture). And then came a moment of absolute clarity:

Faced with Katelynn seriously considering leaving the show because of dwindling finances, Scott offered her $1,500, no questions asked. Sweetheart.

Here’s the two of them fighting:

And here’s Superman Scott to the rescue. He always did want to be a hero.

And here’s Katelynn telling Baya and Sarah about Scott’s generosity:

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  • GoKitty

    I guess she should have gone to his birthday party…

  • OH Charlie

    Is it just me or what….it seems as if Katelynn’s hair is never combed as well as if she does not wash her hair, it looks dirty all the time.

  • oneway

    I was waiting for a “shirt off my back” metaphor. And then for Scott to take the shirt off his back. Drats.

  • sal

    i love devynnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!she may have her flaws but she is funnnnnnn!!!!!

  • sal

    i think this(scott act of generosity) is what is needed to win the girls trust again in the house.the boys and girls were separated thanks to the silly ganging up of the fellas(hypocritical rat prank,bias against kat,outing kat to a group she wanted to trust b4 she laid that on em)forcing the girls to gang together to attack back

  • Alan down in Florida

    Scott can afford to be generous. I can just imagine how much he’s been turning down from photographers and website to just take off his pants in front of the camera, much less have sex on video – gay or straight. With his high profile I don’t doubt he can parlay his body and this show into the millionaire he says he’s gonna be.

  • Sebbe

    I always knew Scott was the good one. That Ryan drives me nuts.

  • Stuart

    Such a cute moment, and much needed after all the ridiculous fighting!

  • m2mswva

    She will NEVER pay him back.

  • ED2


    Do I still have to pretend that I mildly care about any of this. I think my body died 20 years ago and this is the hell that’s left.

    I’m so glad he paid her for having to endure him. The only thing better is that she is sly enough to pretend she’s not cashing that check yesterday.

    BTW- when will the world stop worshipping Size L ribbed Jerseys made in Thailand.

    WTF- who cares.

    Oh,excuse me- back to our regularly scheduled program…

    “OMG- Wow, how sweet. He’s so nice and cute. That episode made me cry!”

  • osocubano

    Does anything other than constant arguing ever happen on that show?

  • frisky

    “Scott Herman you put that away” — not something I would ever say.

  • Andrew W

    Wow, ED2, that’s the longest ‘I don’t care’ I’ve ever seen. I know posting ‘I don’t care about this’ in comments is a fun little hobby for some people, but you really put the work in!

  • rogue dandelion

    Um, i am completely fine with half naked guys all over this site, drag queen recaps, and the occasional star fucking- but this fawning over the one straight male real-worlder this season is too much. They aren’t stars, this isn’t a gay-themed show, it is just crap. and scott isn’t that hot.

  • Cornerframe

    I knew that the week wouldn’t be complete without a story on Queerty about the straight 6pack model from The Real World.

    I actually waited until I could watch a repeat airing of the episode before I commented.

    Yes, it was nice of the straight guy to offer Katelynn money in order for her to stay on the episode.
    However, this is a gay news blog. Maybe a better angle to the story would have been the financial burdens Katelynn faced pre and post sexual reassignment surgery (which was only 3 months prior to filming.) Maybe a little depth on the moneterial resources one faces in undertaking this huge task. I mean, come on, she’s the first transsexual on a popular show reaching young people. Explore it a little bit.
    OR, another angle might have been why, when needing to raise cash, the only outlet she seems to think about is pole dancing?

    Or, how about a mention or a story about the difficulties the cast faced in finding a theater and an audience for their screening of the MTV documentary, Pedro, about Pedro Zamora.

    Some good opportunities in this episode, and this season to do some really great pieces on the lives of younger gay persons. There’s some really interesting gay/bisexual castmates.

    Instead, we get the weekly treatment into the good deeds of the straight model with the 6 pack. Yes, he’s goodlooking, he’s nice. We get it, but come on, it’s a GAY site.

    (I made a similar comment 3 or 4 pretty straight boy with the 6pack stories back)

  • sal

    @Cornerframe: WOW yeah i gotta agree with ya there

  • ThatGuy

    @Alan down in Florida: He’s already taken off his clothes in front of photographers, he’s a fitness model and has done some underwear modeling.

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