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Sean Bielat Might Return In 2012 To Challenge Cranky Barney Frank

Sean Bielat, the aRepublican ctive duty Marine from Massachusetts who tried and failed to unseat Barney Frank in November’s elections, has never been shy about his dislike for the veteran politico. “He’s abrasive,” Bielat said of Frank this time last year. And now that Frank has announced he’s running for another two-year term? Bielat isn’t leaving open an opportunity to diss him. “None of the presidential candidates have declared, but I guess Barney thinks America is waiting with bated breath to see if he is running,” he says. “I was surprised. I thought he’d call it a day.” With Frank’s announcement came an eight-paragraph statement from Bielat, who railed against repealing DADT and who hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running again. And why not: Frank only has $21k in the bank right now. And somebody has to pay off two Massachusetts reps who will likely lose their seats after redistricting is completing, and be forced to retire or run against their own colleagues.