Sean Cody Model On So You Think You Can Dance, Randy Blue Hunk On The Ultimate Fighter

An openly gay model who appeared in solo videos on Sean Cody in 2011 made his mainstream TV debut in an audition segment on this season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Though his routine didn’t air, the very limber Dale (right) did appear in a brief interview segment, where he’s asked “Where are you from?” and he replies, “I am from Redding, California. I just moved to New York.”

Meanwhile, the somewhat beefier Randy Blue model Daron Cruickshank  (a.k.a. Travis Michaels) has popped up as a competitor on The Ultimate Fighter. Unlike fellow porn-actor-turned-MMA-champ Dakota Cochrane, who was bounced after his first match, Cruickshank (below) won his first fight and secured a spot on Team Faber. And while Cochrane was filmed having sex with other guys, Cruickshank only ever did solo videos for the site in 2008.


 Source: Queer Me Now (NSFW), Men of Porn (NSFW). Photos: Sean Cody, Randy Blue, Fox

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  • Well

    That redneck-looking guy looks delicious!

  • Belize

    Oh, I can already hear the hick-town virgins and the dried up old maids typing their self-righteous drivel as though it would make their boring lives any better. :) Don’t take too much time, ladies. The potatoes powering your Pentium 4’s can’t keep the PC on for very long.

  • rev pat


  • Meowzer

    Daron is fucking hot. Nice body, nice dick!

  • Spike

    So accordingly to Queerty, once you have done anything gay porn related, any attempt to change careers, should be highlighted with a reference to your previous video work sucking, fucking or jacking solo.

    Wonder how many former Queerty employees have sought work and never referenced there employment with a gay new website?

  • reality

    @Spike: Nice try. Porn “actors” and writers for a gay blog are not even close to the same thing. I love the porn apologists who seem to think we should act as though porn actors are somehow just “doing a job” and are not at least a little treacly.

  • Wow

    @Spike: Would you go to a strip bar and bitch about the dancers’ technique? No one here is aiming for a Pulitzer.

  • Gus

    Porn is LEGAL. When you are a young adult and HOT and looking for a good paying job while you try to figure out what is it you want to do when you *grow up*… or stripping can be a fun and money making venture. If you keep a sober brain.
    Big deal, someone did some porn and then found the exciting career of real estate, park ranger, Amway distributor, whatever. Get over it.

  • enlightenone

    @Gus: “…while you try to figure out what is it you want to do when you *grow up*…..” Instead of the attitude “Get over it,” some thoughtful, WISE adult (NOT YOU) advice need to be sought before jumping into the porn video bed with a penis in your mouth, butt, or cum dripping down your face. No good for a virtual, professional career portfolio!

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