Sean Penn’s Portuguese Voice-Over Artist Won’t Touch Milk


“Brazilian actor Marco Ribeiro, who has dubbed Sean Penn’s voice into Portuguese for the films 21 Grams and All the King’s Men has refused to help with the Oscar winner’s newest film set to hit Brazilian airwaves, Milk.

“Ribiero is a pastor in the conservative protestant God’s Assembly Church in Rio de Janeiro and as such, felt there was a conflict of interest in giving a voice to legendary Gay Rights advocate Harvey Milk. ‘I did not feel comfortable with the job,’ Ribeiro admitted to Brazilian media, ‘My voice is involved with other causes, and for the same reason I have refused to work on certain types of advertising.’ Although Ribeiro denied any homophobic beliefs, he is quoted on the website for his church saying that families with same sex parents are a ‘distortion.’” [Latina]

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  • Bertha Stewart

    If I were him, I think I also would hate myself and the whole world…

  • Gurlene

    If you read closely what he is saying it sounds like this job would end up costing him more than he would be paid to do it in the long run. Boycotts and protests can be costly these days and with Brazil and just about everywhere else in the entire world being as hypocritical as it is I think I would have passed on this one too.

  • Sarina

    Another person who uses religion as a scapegoat for his homophobia. I believe in God, does that make a gay-hater ? Absolutely, not. The truth is that religious folks pick and choose the rules they see fit to judge. Religion is not just a question of personal belief, but a sort of excuse for humans to vent their bigotry, without feeling guilty about it.

  • sal


  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


  • sal

    “he is quoted on the website for his church saying that families with same sex parents are a ‘distortion.'” hmmm ,distorted,hmmm??oh right,i looked at his pic(shallow judgment of me and the gay community and i will do the same to u Mr. Marco and your “fans”)

  • kevin (not that one)

    Wasn’t I just saying how anti-gay evangelicalism was on the rise in Latin America? Brazil has been in the negative spotlight lately…on one hand you have the Catholic bishop who recently excommunicated a mother (and her doctors) who terminated the pregnancy of her 9 year old daughter who was raped by her stepfather. On the other, you have a growing evangelical church movement that cherry-picks its doctrine to hate on the gays.

  • sal

    @kevin (not that one): omg yeah i remember that case with the nine yr old ,it is sad!!!!what would any mother do??no church will understand that,they are above that.they are evil to guilt them!!!!

  • Mark

    I’m glad he was kind enough to leave the position open for people who aren’t stupid assholes.

  • Sebbe

    I never realized that bigger celebrities usually have the same voice over actors in each movie until I lived in Europe when I was younger. A lot of them end of becoming mini local celebs in their own rite. Like the Hasselhof’s German voice I imagine. haha

    Luckily most of my time spent abroad is in Sweden and in the Nordic countries they do not dub over the voice (unless it is a movie for very small children), probably why many people’s English is better than some native speakers.

  • Sebbe

    @kevin (not that one) – That case was absurd. Furthermore, Brazil in experiencing their growing pains has so many factions/people/companies vying to gain control and influence.

  • alan brickman

    mr gayface won’t do the voice over??? hilarious….

  • BobP

    He thinks a voice over is advertising? I’m glad he won’t do it. Now he won’t use the $ for his distortions.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    First we had Voip.

    Now we have Vogp.

    Love it.

  • froggyola

    Good. Let the paycheck go to someone else. Loser.

  • getreal

    What a douche.

  • Charlie Olsky

    Japhy is hot.

  • blake

    Who cares? A religious person turns down an acting job. Whatever. That just means another voice actor gets the job.

  • concretepinata

    @Charlie Olsky: Can you please stop being such a fucking creeper?

  • ED2

    um, yeah… smart move Mr. Ribeiro… What a smart upstanding guy.

  • osocubano

    I don’t see what the big deal is, since he already looks like an off-duty drag queen.
    But that’s fine, he’s not the only Brazilian with a voice.

  • Jaroslaw

    OK, what does Sean Penn/ the studio/ or anyone else have to say about this? I hope this guy is permanently out of the voice over business.

  • Webster

    Too bad he didn’t see the movie AND GET THE POINT.

  • Donsnyc

    Why did they pick an ugly balding dude with a double chin? I know it’s just a voice over but isn’t Brazil swarming with ultra hot guys? Fire him and get thee to the next hottest brazilian boy!

  • Rick Heintz

    He has a perfect face…for voice over work!

  • tina

    I find it amazing how people suddenly get defensive and start spitting hate at someone for choosing to do, or not do in this case,something he is uncomfortable with. I am a lesbian and I support his right to choose to do whatever he wants, I am saddened though that he totally misses the important message of Milk…..that we are all human….we all have the same rights, and doesnt matter if u approve or disapprove of homosexuality,,becaue its not just about being gay,,,its much more than this…..its about being a human being who happens to be glbt,,,,but it could very well be about a human being who happens to be black or asian or disabled or elderly…its about being born a human being and not be treated as such simply because we are something different from the majority,

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