Sen. Marco Rubio Still Plans To Speak At Super Creepy Antigay Organization

Last week word spread that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) would speak at a fundraiser for the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative organization that promotes “conversion therapy” to turn gay people straight.

Despite harsh criticisms in the media, Sen. Rubio is still planning to attend the dinner, which will be held on November 16 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando. Tickets range from $600 to $10,000.

Sen. Rubio, who is believed to have his eye on the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, will deliver the keynote address at the annual fundraiser, which will honor Matthew Staver, an ardent antigay activist and defender of Malawi’s ban on homosexuality.

Staver is currently suing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for signing a law banning gay-to-straight conversion therapy. He has also made claims that teaching gay rights in schools is tantamount to “sexual assault.”

This got us thinking…

According to Gallup, LGBT Americans vote largely Democrat. A 2012 survey found that 13% of LGBT people polled identified as Republican, meanwhile 44% identified as Democrat. That same survey found that 30% of heterosexual people polled identified as Republican, while 32% identified as Democrat.

Perhaps promoting conversion therapy is Sen. Rubio’s twisted way of trying to turn everyone straight so they’ll vote Republican?

Given the logic he’s displayed in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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  • dvlaries

    Hey, Donald Trump. Want absolution? You’re ‘evolving?’ Well, when you’re done, go slap some sense into this creature.

  • Rob Moore

    Calling the Florida Family Policy Council a conservative organization makes them sound so innocuous. Imagine calling the Communist Party of North Korea just a liberal organization. These people are awful and want to do bad things to gay people. They are hardcore right wing Christian fundamentalists. They are just as bad as any Jihadist. Can we stop making them seem less threatening?

  • crazycorgi

    This guy is nothing but a piece of teabagger crap. I know that they think that by allowing him and Ted Cruz to be their token minority poster-children that will get them the Latino vote, but they are sadly mistaken. Neither Cruz nor Rubio have any real connection with the Hispanic community and talk at long lengths about wanting to send all of the Hispanics in the U.S. back to Mexico. They are nothing short of being ashamed of their heritage and want only to be accepted by the white, fundamentalist, GOP/TP base. No self-respecting Latino would ever vote for someone like this who is ashamed of their race, and wants nothing more than to kowtow to the “white man”.

  • jwtraveler

    We should have conversion therapy to make stupid people smart. Ahh, that would never work. They’re born that way.

  • Polaro

    Rubio used to scare me. I thought, hey, this guy has the Hispanic thing going and isn’t half bad looking, he might be dangerous as a national candidate. And then he started shooting himself in the foot with the tea bag mentality. He’s less obnoxious and smug than Cruz, whose goose is also cooked, but that may be his only redeeming value.

  • Kangol

    Este Rubio que no es rubio está tontísimo, claro que sí.

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