Serial Killer Who Targeted Gay Men For “Spreading Evil” Finally Caught

pakistani art clericsA young serial killer targeted online gays in Pakistan for the course of weeks, and his story is as gruesome and terrible as you might expect.

Authorities say that Muhammad Ejaz had sex with his victims before drugging them and breaking their necks. He denies the sex, but openly admits to the killing.

“It is tragic that the families have lost their relatives, but they were spreading evil the in society and I had to stop it,” he says, echoing the words of religious fundamentalists everywhere.

Ejaz is young — in his late twenties — and has a wife and two infant children.

He used the site Manjam to lure his victims, which is kind of a Middle-Eastern and South Asian version of Grindr. The site closed access to Pakistani users following the revelation.

Pakistan’s a difficult country to be openly gay in. Officially, homosexuality is banned and carries a potential sentence of lifetime imprisonment. Prosecutions are rare, but cultural attitudes are deeply homophobic. Most queers are closeted and face rejection from family and society.

But this incident may force a more open discussion of Pakistan’s gay community — hopefully in a good way.


H/t: HuffPo