Series Of Violent Deaths Plague West Hollywood Apartment Building

shooting in weho
Gay West Hollywood is freaking out right now about repeated violent deaths at a building in the heart of town.

It’s all going down at 939 Palm Ave., a blocky-looking building that looks sort of like a prison built to trendy architecture standards of the 1970s. “Palm Villas,” it’s called, and so far it’s claimed two lives and several more injuries in just the last few days.

The first tragedy happened on March 29. Deputies showed up to conduct a “welfare check” on a guy who lived at the building. On arrival, they discovered the guy’s boyfriend dead of stab wounds. The man they were checking on was hiding in a bathroom after taking a large amount of pills. He’s been taken into custody.

The victim was a brilliant doctor in his mid-30s. The whole thing is just awful, awful, awful.

And the latest death happened last night. Locals noticed a swarm of helicopters and police vehicles, and when the dust cleared the story came out: someone reported a knife fight at the building, police responded and encountered a man behaving violently, and they shot and killed him. Inside the building, they found an ongoing fight, a knife, and a stabbing victim who apparently has not died.

So what’s going on here? One online commenter claims that the building is an infamous meth den, but we all know how much credibility online comments are worth. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update when we have more actual facts. You know, like reporters do.

Coincidentally, underwear hunk/designer/activist Colby Melvin lives in that building, and slept through everything.