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Seth Walsh Asked His Mother To ‘Make School Feel Like Shit’ For Ignoring His Bullying. She Plans On It

Wendy Walsh, the mother of 13-year-old Seth Walsh, who spent 10 days on life support before ultimately dying in September from a hanging suicide attempt, wants no other parent to go through what she did when school officials at Jacobsen Middle School ignored the torment other students were putting Seth through. So she’s teamed with the ACLU to demand the Tehachapi Unified School District institute stricter anti-bullying policies and training. Seth, who came out to his mother in sixth grade, left his mother a suicide note, asking to “put my body in burial, and visit my body, and make sure to make the school feel like shit for bringing you this sorrow.” Superintendent Richard Swanson says following Seth’s suicide, “The code of silence appears to be breaking a little bit.” And yet: “I don’t think we’ve addressed Seth’s issue in terms of sexuality directly.” [Bakersfield Californian]