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  • Alexa

    And criticism from the right of John Edwards’ haircut was what then?


    awwww she’s pretty

    all attractive people are for MCCAIN PALIN 08!!!

  • JNunzio

    Hasselcrack is deliberately idiotic.

  • Nick

    I kinda have to agree with her. While yes, the Republican’s criticism of John Edwards haircut was wrong. It was also meant to feminize him in the eyes of the bubba men out there.

    How much money does Barack Obama spend on clothes? Do we know? Surely he’s not wearing 2 suits he picked up at Target?

    I think there is plenty to criticize and make fun of in Sarah Palin, but I think the clothes issue is pretty stupid.

  • Steff

    @ Nick:

    Barack Obama on his clothes:

    “You know, I haven’t changed my approach to dressing too much. Michelle has asked me to clean up, because when she first met me I had one suit.”

    He noted that his wife finds the idea of her husband as an elitist dresser amusing, “because I basically buy five of the same suit, and then I patch them up and wear them repeatedly.”

    Continuing his requested sartorial assessment, Obama confessed that he has four pairs of shoes and has recently taken to getting a haircut more frequently because “my mother-in-law makes fun of me.”


    sarah palin is a woman for fucks sake!

    you can not be seriously comparing her to that barbaric ape who probably reeks of B.O. and fried chicken.

  • Rock

    MEN-SOR, got back to hanging out with your white trash redneck friends.

  • Willie Hewes

    Queerty: please do something about the racism in your comments section. It’s not funny anymore.

  • marco hussein channing

    Are we actually debating comments made by Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She is about as intelligent as a baked potato.

  • marco hussein channing

    What is it about Alaskan politicians? Palin is given a $150,000 wardrobe, which she wears, but doesn’t own it. Stevens was given furniture, but he doesn’t own it, yet it still sits in his home. Stuff is given to them, but they don’t own it? Steven and Palin must attend the same seminars on electoral ethics, or is this just an Alaska thing?

  • CitizenGeek

    Hasselbeck is perhaps the greatest moron on ABC. She really is profoundly stupid. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  • Marko

    Yeah Queerty you need to oversee these comments Men Sor’s repugnant ignorant racism is not to be tolerated. Nor is it necessary or needed or wanted.

  • Kid A

    Thirded re: Mensor

    Oh, the conservatives decry liberal “political correctness” (fighting sexism, racism, homophobia) until it’s useful for them or someone makes a christ statue with a boner on it…

  • Cam

    See, I hate it when people purposely missunderstand things. I mean could she really be that stupid? Hey hassleback, it would be sexist if somebody said “The outfits she has been wearing make her look fat and her tits too small” but they didn’t say that, they reported that the outfits cost over $150,000 and could be in violation of campaign finance laws. Additionally, the press has been giving Mccain shit about his $500.00 Farragamo loafers. Is THAT sexist?!

  • Cam

    Oh, and Men-Sor…..sounds like SOMEBODY has a black ex boyfriend who dumped them….. don’t worry kitten, I’m sure he doesn’t tell TOO many people about how bad you were in bed.

  • Dommy Hussein Davis, Jr.

    Oh, my! Sexist! You could never accuse the Republican Party of THAT, now, couldya? I mean, look how good they been with women’s rights all these years. As long as you’re a woman without a vagina or sex drive, the Republicans are all for us regular gals! Say it ain’t so, Joe! If I woulda known I would be in so much hot water over this, me and First Dude Tood woulda got that bigass 60″ plasma, too, and charged it to the RNC. My, Bullwinkle would look so cool on a plasma! And think of how nice it’ll be to watch baby videos of Bristol’s little bastard, dontcha know! And how come I’m supposedly from Alaska but speak in this cheesy Wisconsin accent? Of course, next time they wanna buy me any Valentinos or Calvins or Chanels I’ll just say, “thanks, but no thanks!”
    (BTW, read this entire post in a Edie McClurg voice).

  • Dommy Hussein Davis, Jr.

    Oh, and one more thing:
    Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Fuck you and the sub-moron intelligence you rode in on!!!

  • Billy

    It’s amazing to see how many GOP operatives are dwelling on sites like this. Maybe if you all spent time learning about the issues
    and doing more than sitting in your apartments scratching yourself and posting reactionary posts that are clearly erroneous, you’d
    be aware of the importance of us finally moving the country in a positive direction.

  • SlowMo

    According to today……

    “AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest AIDS organization in the US and operator of the popular and award winning fundraising ‘Out of the Closet’ thrift store chain in California and Florida, will host a press teleconference Monday, October 27th at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time to raise the issue of trademark infringement by a for-profit resale clothing store in Anchorage, Alaska recently cited as a favorite by Republican Vice Presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family. The Alaska store is operating under the same ‘Out of the Closet’ name as AHF’s fundraising chain–which first opened in 1990–and under the same name for which AHF has had registered federal trademark for many years. During the teleconference, AHF officials will also invite Governor Palin and the Republican National Committee (RNC) to consider donating the candidate’s campaign wardrobe to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s ‘Out of the Closet’ thrift store chain following the election. Revenues generated by AHF’s ‘Out of the Closet’ contribute to caring for AIDS patients in the US and abroad, as well as supporting AHF’s innovative HIV prevention and testing programs worldwide.”

  • bobito

    EH probably doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary in dropping a couple hundred thousand on clothes, so why are they making such a big deal of it when Sarah Palin does it? Obviously, that HAS to be sexist. The only thing worse than a rich bitch idiot is a rich bitch idiot with media access.

  • steve

    i’m really surprised men sor’s comment is allowed to stand here

    i’m also amazed at the number closet queens who continually hang out here to defend twunts like hasselbeck & the bigoted rebublican ilk

  • donsnyc

    Who listens to this Survivor reject?

  • Jim

    Um, last I heard the criticism was directed at Palin’s handlers and the RNC for spending that kind of money on clothes, when it might have been better spent on things like, oh, media buys in swing states. Where’s the sexism come into play?

  • greybat

    No.6- I would NEVER confuse Sarah with John McCain!

  • Okie

    I think the outrage was more for Mrs. Palin’s hypocrisy rather than sexism.

  • carter

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is one lucky girl. A no talent moron piece of white trash who makes a ton of money yet shold be working at a fried food stand. This is what a typical right wing slob is like. A money hungry bitch who sides with crooks and sleaze. E. H your a capital “C” unt

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Men-Sor is Churchill-y (same racist brush, different white canvas)

    7 Days until the end of the Bush Junta!

    Hasselbeck will be dumped by Babs after the election, too!

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