Shape Up: Get That V Taper With This Pool Party Pump

SethHow many times have you stopped yourself and said “OMG! I have to be shirtless at the pool TOMORROW!?!” Have no fear. Those judgmental eyes will only be staring at you in admiration after this emergency workout. 

What you want to do is focus on creating a “V Taper.” This means you pump up the shoulders and lats, making you wide up top giving you the illusion of a smaller waist. Oh, but don’t think you are getting out of abs with this one. Nope.

Let’s start on top!

What you want to do is three sets of wide grip pull ups. Grab the pull up bar from the widest possible grip. Pull your body up. Drop down completely into starting position. Repeat. Do as many reps as you can possibly too. Yes, pull ups are a bitch, but with practice and conditioning, you’ll be doing them like a champ in no time at all. 

Lateral and anterior raises.

Group ShotGrab two 10-pound dumbbells and raise them to the side. Stop right when your arms form a straight line. Then, raise the dumbbells to the front of your body and stop when they are parallel with your shoulders. 10 reps, three sets.

Ab Alert!

It’s time for Roman chair hanging leg raises! Position your body into hanging position in between parallel bars. Raise and lower your knees.  Next, pivot your knees to the side and raise them to the side toward one arm. Switch sides. This gives you those coveted “gutters” that everyone talks about. Five reps in each direction, three sets.

Cable Wood Chop

Position cables on the tower at halfway point. Grab both handles, walk to the middle of the machine and out. Swing them across your body like you’re hitting a golf ball. Slowly lower back to starting point.  Find a weight that is semi-challenging and then do 15 reps on each side. Again, three sets.

Watch what you eat.

You want to keep your carbs and sugar low for at least 24 hours before the big party. Eat a lot of veggies and drink tons of water. Save your drinking for the party and pizza after. 

And there you are. Go slip on that speedo and tank top, but be prepared to take it off with confidence. The tank top, silly! And wear your SPF!

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